Monday, March 08, 2010

Well, Tom and I survived one more Buffalo winter. Our 17th. Oh, we may get a tad more snow this month, yet it's obvious Winter's fist has lost its power to squeeze so tightly. Since the moment Tom and I stepped into the house after his surgery last Tuesday, we've had sunshine. Nearly a week of sun and warmer temps, oh my!

I'm beyond grateful that Tom's first surgery date was postponed (and glad we've learned to peek around obstacles for God's better ideas), for I can handle nearly any problem with sunshine in my windows, gleaming off the snow and enabling me to sit on our front porch with a book and warmth upon my back. Even my muddy-headedness doesn't feel so muddy as long as the sun is shining. Winter sunshine changes everything.

And this may be my sleep-interrupted, muddied head speaking, but it's rather like my explanation as to why I no longer travel to Depressionville like I used to. Now, I never ride past Sonville, for why would I ever zip farther down the interstate through Sonville to dark, sad, complaining lands? Everything is better in Sonville-- the sun shines upon my face, small joys feel larger and a calmness like lake ripples pushes away the storms. As long as I have Sonville I'll be fine.

Friends can offend or ignore me, money may be tight, people may make foolish choices, but Sonville never changes. Oh, it changes me and the way I think, but of itself, Sonville remains the same. Sunny, pleasant, soothing Sonville.

Why would I want to ever travel farther down the highway past its borders?


"He whom the Son sets free is free, indeed."


Alas! My new Mary Jane's Farm magazine arrived today, perfectly timed, indeed. For those of you who also receive it--didn't you just adore the Christmas tree buttons? Another of those 'why didn't I think of that?' ideas. :)


Beth said...

Oh Amen to Sonville! With our eyes focused on the Son, the dark days stay away.

And I echo your sentiments about the March sun. YAY!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Love it Debra !

... Paige said...

nice post, full sun and Son