Sunday, March 28, 2010

The neat thing about God? He doesn't just tell me to make changes in the silences of the night without showing me how. Suddenly every sermon I hear is about the current Conviction of the Month He's wanting me to make and poof! Exact, helpful information also appears in the books I pick up or the talk shows I come across or it's written about in blogs or on Facebook.

So currently the Conviction of the Month is to find real food. To use real food in my kitchen so to keep from ingesting hundreds of disgusting, unnecessary (and addictive) chemicals.

Have you read food labels lately? Eegads. Twenty or thirty ingredients for one simple cookie or cracker or (fill in the blank).

So now when I go grocery shopping I think 'find real food.' Vegetables, so I can make my own soup rather than buying salt-infested, over-priced cans of it. Red peppers instead of green (they're healthier), red potatoes instead of white (ditto). Fruit so I can, yes, eat it plain, but also so I can create my own fruit pies minus ingredients I can't even pronounce.

Last week I even made my own pop-tarts. And ok, we're not talking health food here, but hey. I used my own whole wheat flour, olive oil, a dash of salt, water and cherry jam. Didn't make the frosted tops, but you know? My little pop tarts still tasted good, they looked adorable and Tom liked them. And it's not as though I'm going to make them every week, either. But we had easy-to-make, homemade pop tarts minus a whole paragraph of poisonous additives.

Just think... my own potato salad with ingredients I see with my own eyes, nothing hidden. My own blueberry crisp, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes rather than the packaged, processed stuff from the freezer aisle. Real, non-chemical-laced french fries, casseroles and sandwiches.

Now, does it require more time to cook food from scratch without chemicals? I could lie and say nah, it doesn't. But generally, yes, it does. Although, there are short-cuts and secrets, yet they require time to learn and practice. Yet the added health benefits far outweigh any extra time and study woes--oh, how terrific I feel most days!

And does it cost more to eat real food and cook from scratch? No--and yes. Because you're no longer buying certain (processed, fake) foods, those savings enable you to afford the healthier stuff. As with learning how to cook more efficiently, I'm also learning to buy real food with less money. Besides, real food is more satisfying. It doesn't leave you craving more when you're not actually hungry--so you (ideally) consume less. (Though, oh, how I've found myself washing way more dishes and pans! I must be doing something right, I reassure myself.)

Real food. It's exciting to make these sorts of changes, but it's tiring, too. There's so very much to learn! Or maybe it's that there's so very much to unlearn, as well. Yet when God is behind these sorts of changes, He makes all of them possible.


As with many things in Life, people often give-up too soon after trying to change their diet. Folks, there's tons of information to absorb! It's an impossiblity to absorb it all in two weeks or even two months. There's much trial and error involved, trust me--I've been making these sorts of serious changes for over three years and I've still got miles to go before I get it right. But a spirit of adventure keeps the fun factor around.


Here's the pop tart recipe I used. I liked it because I could make my own (relatively-healthy) pie crust recipe. And again, I didn't do the egg-wash-sugar topping.


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Debra~ I know exactly what you mean when you say that when God is trying to teach you something you get the message from many different source.
I also thank you are onto something here - eating real food. I think we would all benefit greatly eating more real food. I know we have tried to add more fruits to our diet and eating more raw foods.
Have a great day! :o)

Pat said...

I'm with you all the way! I'm trying to make the change to the more healthy and home made, staying away from the over processed food with a zillion presertives in them.
It's never to late!

Vicki said...

And as you're reading what they have in them, read WHERE they come from..

I'm all for the real thing and can't wait for the farmers markets to start again..

Enjoy the new eating (o:

Tracy said...

We are also trying to get back to homemade foods and treats rather than store-bought. I know it is a lot healthier and more filling, too!

My library does have the book you mentioned in yesterday's post. I have it on hold at the library. :)

Anonymous said...

You know Debra, I really think there IS something to making your own foods from scratch and none of the weird chemicals and preservatives. My mom made nearly all her own "everything" - right down to the bread! I wonder if years of eating real food contributed to her long life (91 yrs) and dad's too (95 yrs)?
I need to get more motivated to make the effort to get away from all the processed foods out there! Kudos to you for doing just that!!