Saturday, February 20, 2010


For years and years I've told you about our local old-fashioned movie theater which always catapults me back to 1940. I've tried to bring you there with me by my descriptions.

But now, alas! For the first time you can see photos. Yes, actual photos of the inside and outside of that magical place (the outside not being all that old-fashioned, but still...). The slide-show moves rather quickly so run your cursor along the bottom of the photos and click on the 'stop square' which will appear. That way you can wander around the rooms for a better look. Click it again to see what comes next :

Be sure to stop in front of the framed movie posters and photos of old-time movie stars lining the hallway. I always, always do that in Real Life. I stand on the green and white tiles and remember back as far as I can with each face.

Of course, the photos of our theater aren't like actually being there. You can't breathe-in the pop-corned air nor the enchanted air molecules which sweep you up and swoosh you back 70 years. But still, color me happy that finally you can glimpse a bit of the magic for yourselves of this place where (odd thought alert) I've often sat in the dark with Jesus in the seat beside me. He and I always have the very best time.


When Tom, Naomi and I first went to this theater each seat cost $2.00. Now they've soared up to $3.50. :)


Pat said...

How neat! so well maintained and it invites you to get a popcorn and sit down for a bit.
Love it!

Annie said...

Hi Debra:

How fun! Thanks so much for posting about your theater.

Ours is called "The Commodore" and you can find out more about it right here:


Annie @ The View from 256

All My Yesterdays said...

What a fun looking place to eat popcorn! We still have one of the few Drive-In Movie Screens about 14 miles from where I live and I love to go there in the summer. Video's are good to have around sometimes but nothing beats the *Big Screen*
Thanks for showing this!

see ya yesterday..