Thursday, January 28, 2010

From the book, God Calling, yesterday:

"Go forward unafraid. Health and strength, peace and happiness and joy - they are all My gifts. Yours for the asking. In the spiritual (as in the material) world there is no empty space, and as self and fears and worries depart out of your lives, it follows that the things of the Spirit, that you crave so, rush in to take their places."

You realize what that means, don't you? It means that today I have choices. Tomorrow, too. Today I can fill my head with worrying about Tom's shoulder surgery on February 9th or Naomi's driving around on snowy streets or about growing older and whether we'll have money in the future--or--I can brush that stuff out of my head, lock it out and make space for peace and joy, instead.

I cannot have it both ways, you know.

Into my heart I can pack offended feelings at what my neighbor said, feel forgotten by old friends, resent having to change my diet as I grow older--or--I can keep the door closed on all that and open it, instead, to happiness and contentment.

While I sat in our recliner this morning watching snippets of the President's speech and other local and faraway reports of what's-going-wrong, I thought, no matter what's happening out there, still I create my Real Life. We may have simple possessions, money may be tight, but I can clean what we own, paint those things (and a few walls) and make our home special. I am in charge of how I feel on the inside. It's up to me to care for myself so that I can care for Tom and myself and our home. And it's up to me to stay creatively focused so that this home will always be a sweet refuge from what's happening out there.

So here's to keeping my head and heart empty of fear and worries and other garbage so that--instead--there will be lots and lots of room in the corners, even, for grace and joy and gratitude to breed and multiply.


Speaking of gratitude, a special thanks to each of you who wished my daughter a happy birthday. I forwarded your thoughts to her.


Kudos to Oprah for yesterday taking a big step in exposing our Country's horrible food system. Here are some of the main points on eating well. Click here for the message board dealing with yesterday's show.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Debra, Tom will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love this entry and you know, I love all your writing! Have a good day. You make me want to go paint something, lol. Joyce in TX.

Tracy said...

Beautiful post, Debra!

Elizabeth said...

A wonderful post Debra, as usual.
You are a blessing to all who read your blog!

Donetta said...

I was reading Ecc. chapter 2, that just so fits what you are saying

it is all a gift from God because WE LOVE HIM.

Tom will have a road to walk, he will have much company never alone with God within and around him.
So many many things to learn. I remember how many many broken hearts I spoke with during physical therapy. Appointments made by Gods calendar. Tell him to focus on the prayer of those around him, it is rarely about us.

Laura said...

I'll be keeping you both in my prayers as Tom heads into surgery and recovery. I hope you have some fun plans to catch up on an old favorite show or a new one while you help him recover and rest together. :)