Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten Easy Ways to Kill Your Quiet Time

Let's run this post again since I can't think of one single new thing to write about at this moment. :)

Ten Easy Ways to Kill Your Quiet Time

1. Always sit in the same place. Never take a walk or go to a coffee shop.
2. Read the Bible through in a year when God is giving you a different plan.
3. Go Legalistic. Always do the same things in the same order and in the same way.
4. Stay there when God is saying "Get up and go about your day."
5. Get up before God says, "Get up and go about your day."
6. Run and answer the phone while God is speaking to you.
7. Sit there and feel like God is mad at you.
8. Read a book which is boring you to tears.
9. Never try anything new, like singing, dreaming, dancing, writing or staring out the window.
10. Hold your quiet time at your home's busiest, most hectic time of day.


emma said...

GREAT post! thank you for this - i think you wrote it for me! (HA!)

And i love the new banner or whatever it's called at the top of your blog - the picture...it's beautiful.

... Paige said...

okay I'm getting up

nice post

Kim said...

Maxfield Parrish - love him! (And this post too. As usual.)