Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So yesterday Tom and I went and saw the movie, 2012. We've always enjoyed disaster movies and wow! What a wild ride, the most disastrous disaster movie we've ever watched together.

I'd planned to, afterward, go shopping for groceries and two new blue blankets for our guest room beds and a little rug and this and that. But after that movie about the end of the world, well, suddenly groceries and bed spreads and little rugs didn't seem important anymore. No, only relationships and being ready to meet God meant anything. Tom did talk me into driving to three shops to price some electric fireplaces, but what I really wanted was to drive through the countryside and think. Just think.

Oh, not that I believe the world (as we know it now) will end the exact way that it did in the movie. No, I'm one of those Christians who see it going down the way the book of Revelation says it will. Though, yes, there will be plenty of disasters and 'fireworks' according to the Bible, yet they'll take place over a period of years, not all on just one day.

But anyway, it's good for me to watch movies like 2012 every few months or so. They remind me to appreciate my happy todays and to stop complaining about tiny things so that, perhaps, I'll not complain about the huge things down the road. They remind me that God knows exactly what He's doing, the Bible has been right all along and I should live ready to face anything. And that all I have to fear is fear, itself.

One last thing... Since so many people are sitting in theater seats all over the world watching 2012, I'm now praying that this movie will make them ask themselves if they are prepared for the future, whatever that future may hold. And I'm praying that they'll turn to the right Person for the answers.


P.S. 2012 did have some language I didn't appreciate. They 'took God's name in vain' at least 5 times. Just thought I'd warn you. (I'm still waiting for the day when Hollywood becomes clever enough to create their own expletives, rather than relying upon the same decades-old tired ones.)


Patty H. said...

I was wondering if this movie was even a bit Biblical but have heard that it wasn't. I'm not much of a movie watcher so I probly won't see it. I'm like you, I agree with what is said in Revelations. And only God knows the day the world will end.

Louise said...

I'm one of those who most likely won't see this movie either, but I do hope it'll speak to the hearts of those who do see it. There is an End coming and we need to prepare for that as best we can.
Bless you & thank you for sharing your input on this film.

Pearl said...

It's good to have movies like this so people will think. It certainly got my brain cells going. Nice post

Pat said...

We don't go to the theatre much, we wait till their available On Demand! It's good to get your review though. I hope it makes people think, and I have a feeling it will. It kind of reminds me of a prison documentary I saw on TV called "Scared Straight". I pray some people are scared straight.. to God!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We don't go to the theater but once or twice a year but this is one I would like to see (I love disaster movies).

I don't believe we have to worry about 2012 but we are certainly in the end times.