Thursday, April 09, 2009

So did you see the Good Morning America story this morning which told how Spokane County, WA has banned dish washing detergents which contain phosphates? They no longer sell them because (according to the online article) "cleaning chemicals lead to algae growth and oxygen depletion in rivers. In Spokane County phosphate levels in rivers and lakes are so high that they are putting fish at risk." So they've asked that people refrain from using them.

Of course, you can guess what some Spokane County folks are doing, can't you? They're complaining that phosphate-free detergents do a poor job on their dishes so now they're taking grocery runs over into Idaho so to smuggle dishwashing detergents into their homes.

So typical of us, isn't it? We disobey authority like it's nothing if we disagree with it. If the government is making too many little laws, we just chuck the ones we believe to be silly. I've done it and I know you most likely have, too, at least once. (Can we be honest here?)


But getting back to phosphates..... Only about a month ago did Tom and I realize something. Tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) is one of the best-known cleaners on the market. It's terrific for cleaning walls (paneled ones, especially) before painting them and the list goes on of its cleaning wonders. Well, guess what? Phosphate is in tons of breakfast cereals and packaged foods like macaroni and cheese.

Good grief.

So now Tom and I are trying to avoid any foods with phosphates listed in their ingredients. Why sicken these bodies God gave us by eating ingredients you'd find in toxic cleaners?


And if anyone is tempted to send me articles or blogs which preach against 'junk science' and tell how all food is peachy-keen-safe and the FDA is made up of big-eyed, innocent, outstanding citizens, well, save your time. I'm beyond falling for that. I've read too much and I've watched too many people become sick.

.....Crawling down off my (phosphate-free) soap box now......


Donetta said...

Now I know that is a phosphate free soap box :)
I am so loving my homemade laundry soap. It works so well. No need to use any fabric softener anymore either.
I did not know about the phosphate in the foods though. I'll check the Cheerios. I buy little ready made but it is good to keep an eye out. TSP is an amazing cleaner. Reason for everything...Remember lye and elbow grease those old tools of yesteryear. Folk forgot how to use elbow grease.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I live in an area of the Midwest where phosphates were banned in detergents long ago. I didn't even know they were allowed anyplace. :)

Since my son just ended up in the hospital, I think he is finally listening to the warnings about too many energy drinks.

Debra said...

Donetta--thanks! I was thinking I should add something to the soap box remark and you confirmed that. :) So I added your suggestion. Thanks for not telling me I'm nuts about this subject, but then, I recall that great email you sent me about a similar thing so it makes sense that you'd take this seriously. :)Thanks, again.

Brenda--I meant to comment at your blog and say I was glad your son is recovering. It's scary the dangerous foods which are out there, isn 't it?

Thanks, Ladies. Blessings, Debra

Mimi said...

I hope you don't mind, but I so fell in love with your blog entry about "mercy" that I am going to place it on the sidebar of mine. If you do object, please let me know and I will remove it :)

... Paige said...

the sad thing is that any food you buy commercially is treated with something, contains something that is not really good for you even the "natural" ones.
How can anything on this planet not be affected by chemicals of some sort or other.
and the FDA they this is ok to "color" our food, drinks, medicines, make up and whatever with petroleum by products.

But we all have to eat something...right?

oma aka meme said...

we buy the no phosphate soup here for pretty much everything and I noticed that is is less expensive also and so far my dishes are clean and my clothes- I tried the homemade soap here in Canada and it just did not do much of anythng except gum up my washer- sigh- I think it depends on the water and also we do not have that bar of soap here - I do use a normal bar of soap tied into a panty hose leg for my towesl- fine for that- and less expensive- and rinses out better too- oh dear- now I am on the soap box with you- oops, I best check for phosphates on the box--hugs Meme who is clean in Canada

Anonymous said...

The last box of TSP I found was phosphate free and cleaned the same as usual. I used to find it easily at the dollar store. Now though they don't seem to have it and the only place so far we have found it was at the big box do-it- yourself stores...and you guessed it was many times more than $1!! We are stll hoping to find it lower :) Love TSP. Sure cleans the grease out of the stove hood filter as quick as a wink...and as you said it is so good for so many uses. I didn't even realize this last box was phospate free till we saw both phospate included and p. free both for sale at the store I mentioned the other day. Then I looked and ours was phosphate free and in the same old box. Somneone recently told me they also got it in a consentrated liquid. Sure hope some enviroamental big wig doesn't pull it all off the market..:( that stuff has been tops for Years! Anna