Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tom and I finished Netflixing all available Stargate Atlantis episodes, saw the first ten episodes of the final season online, and will have to wait (I'm guessing) for the final ten to come out on dvd. I can't explain how addicted I am to that show. (Hey, stop giggling.)

So, in the meantime, we've begun Netflixing Stargate SG-1, its predecessor. Ten whole seasons are out there! And although we still prefer the characters of Atlantis, SG-1 is growing on us and some episodes we've found downright amazing.

One of those episodes made me cry.

(Super major spoiler alert, but watch it anyway later, ok? .................... )

It's the episode in the 2nd season called The Gamekeeper. The SG-1 team travels to a planet where there are acres of lovely formal gardens with paths and benches surrounding a huge glass garden dome, like an indoor winter garden. So the four on the team step into the silent dome where they see people shrouded in black netting, lying back in chairs, appearing to be asleep. The team is then grabbed by hoses from chair-like things and instantly those hoses attach themselves to their heads and bodies and whisk their minds into a virtual-reality world.

It takes the team awhile to figure-out what's happening. They're in separate places, in pairs, re-living past memories of one in the pair, all the time being watched by silent people, standing covered in black shrouds. But after the four are reunited in this virtual world and meet the 'Keeper' (as he calls himself), he tells them he's done the silent watchers ('residents') a great service by protecting them inside that huge dome and in this alternate reality world for over 1,000 years because their planet had become a poisonous, vile, uninhabitable place.

Well, the team knows that to be a big lie (remember the garden?), so they turn to the shrouded folk and tell them their planet is a gorgeous, livable place. But the Keeper makes the watchers disappear so they cannot hear the truth. Yet later (skipping some things here) the SG-1 team again has a chance to expose the Gamekeeper's lies to the watchers, who ask some questions, and through a series of events the SG-1 team breaks out of the virtual world.

And while they're again outside of the dome and in the garden, the Keeper (who's being held in place by Tealc) tells them that he'd lied to the people on this planet to keep them from destroying his beautiful garden. He didn't want them to pick flowers or ruin the grass or the flower beds which he tended faithfully. He wanted things to stay as he, alone, wanted them.

And then this is what made me cry: The Gamekeeper told the SG-1 team that the people in the dome had always had a way out. They could have left anytime. Colonel O'Neil said, "But you lied to them about this planet. You wanted to control them. And they couldn't get out unless you told them there was a way."

The Gamekeeper said miserably, "You told them."

Then the Colonel said, "But they couldn't find the doors unless you showed them where they were."

And the Gamekeeper said, "You showed them."

And at that moment, the shrouded people slowly, gingerly stepped from the dome into the garden, into the light, staring all around them at the lush garden. Amazed. Grateful. Breathing-in fresh air.

And I cried because I sensed God telling me that right there was one of the purposes of my blog--of all blogs of Christians who share the truth that God has a better way of living upon this Earth. We are here to show the Way. We are here to show the Door to a whole other way of living in the light upon this planet.

And when we do share our changed lives, it's as though we're exposing the lies of satan who tells people there is only one way to see Life--his sinful, hopeless, despairing way.

But we are here to show the Doorway out of lies and into a world more real than most people ever know. A Door which leads to a fruitful life here where surely, goodness and mercy shall follow us--and to another place, another amazing world beyond this one where God has prepared something even better.

And oh, what an awesome responsibility is ours.


2 Corinthians 4:4
In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."


Lora said...

I may have to check this shiw out debra - siunds intersting! And what a great analogy. Almost as if the writers of the show were Christians maybe?

Saija said...

good application ... and so much truth in what you said ...

to be that sweet perfume of Jesus, to a dieing world ... to show that garden living is possible!

blessings on your sunday!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....