Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Man, I'm thinking oatmeal makes me cranky. Every morning this week I've been snappish and moody and every morning this week I've eaten oatmeal for breakfast. Tom should feel grateful that he's at work--he wouldn't want to be around while I feel like this.

No oatmeal tomorrow morning for me. Nope. No way. Unh-unh. (It's not the first time I've noticed this, either.... Why do I always forget?)

We are due for more sun all day long today! Sitting with Lennon covered in sunshine on our front porch will make me feel ever so much better, oh yes.

After this long winter I so need a vacation... to Italy? To France? To Branson, Missouri? Uh, no. Just out to our back yard. Oh, I'm itching to get outside and wheel around our wheelbarrow with dirt from the three volcano-like piles we've got out there. I want to create a country garden behind our barn where I can sit outside, unseen, and stare at a bean plant poking its head above the ground, watch it grow, even, and not be thought insane by watchers. That will be my vacation, my 'staycation,' and it's getting harder to wait.

In fact, we are due for 51 degrees on Saturday and I just may get started out there, even if I sink down into the lawn a couple inches, squish, squish because of the mud. But right now? Right now even that sounds delightful. I'll take it.


Did anyone else laugh at Abby last night on NCIS, she with her yellow do-not-cross tape around her refrigerator and the taking of fingerprints and DNA of her co-workers so to discover who stole her chocolate cupcake? Tom and I found all that a hoot.


Donetta said...

That does sound delightful. My garden longs for me. I just might reciprocate this morning. Beans and watermelon came up last week.:)
wish I could just make a pot of tea and have ya over.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Ha! Then I won't send you my Scottish cookbook in which every recipe from breakfast to dessert has some form of oats in it!
Do you watch Corner Gas, Debra? The episode about the staycation was so funny and the only place I've encountered the word, but probably I've just not noticed well enough! Today my grandson Nathan is having minor surgery - tonsils and adenoids out which should help him sleep! Keep him in your prayers, please! -Kristi

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

And yes, I'm a big NCIS fan......All the characters are so individual and well done. I wish all tv were this good!

jodi said...

The show was good last night but then it rarely lets me down.

oma aka meme said...

oh no- oatmeal is my favorite rainy day snack and especially those blue days- alas- I will have to eat oatmeal by myself- (wink) and hugs from Meme

Jammie J. said...

Hey! You changed your header. Your lake is gone... is that your house with the pretty tree in front of it, though? :) It's pretty...

There's something so peaceful about getting out and working in the dirt (or mud). I wish you luck on your endeavor, should you be so brave!