Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sometimes Tom cuts comics from the newspaper which he believes will make me smile because of their relevance to our relationship. I laugh and put them up on our refrigerator where we have quite a collection.

Here's the latest one he snipped from the paper and, a week later, I am still smiling, shaking my head, knowing it's not really funny and yet it is...sigh... :Pros & Cons

Do you, too, clip comics or essays or ? to share with family and friends?


David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for your comment about my list 05 25 things. Go ahead and write yours. I, for one, would be very interested.

I'm waiting...


oma aka meme said...

LOL- I am sure we all justify some of our calories this way-
enjoyed the 25 ramdom- a blog plan for me but on another day--
hugs from Meme