Sunday, January 11, 2009

Remember when I went ballistic while our neighbor had his lawn sprayed right next to my vegetable garden? And remember how I decided to move my garden, next summer, to our Bunny Pasture (above) behind our barn, away from those chemicals of death wafting around?

Well, at first, it was all going to be so simple! Just four small garden beds in the pasture's center. That was it. Plan A, The Easy Version.

But now... oh my. Now while I'm surrounded by snow everywhere (and incapable of doing a thing outside, except to feed birds and shovel snow), I've moved onto a futuristic Plan B, The Extremely Complicated Version Which Will Require Years to Complete.

What's that, you ask? Now ol' Debra (who believes herself to be indestructible, obviously) is planning to create an enormous Secret Garden to fill the entire Bunny Pasture. The whole pasture will (if I survive this) become a half-hidden dreamy kind of place with flower beds, herb and garden beds, a bench, an arbor, a birdbath, stone walkways, a bistro table and chairs, tiny trees and plants in pots, statues in the centers of the flower beds, everything perfectly balanced and -----

Well, you know. And yes, I realize I'm totally ignoring my age and my body fat and my not-twenty-years-old-anymore stamina. But hey, as I'm always telling you, a person must have dreams... and if a dream is God-birthed, then always it will be beyond a person's natural ability. Why? Because when the dream comes to pass, it will be obvious to everyone that truly, God was in this place. Truly, He worked on this project. And then He will receive the credit (which is what it's all about, anyway).

So there you have it--the birth of a new dream here at Healing Acres. And I'm hoping that while I'm surrounded by gardening books and magazines and paper and measuring equipment, I'll not come down with cabin fever and go bonkers by longing for winter to Go Away. There's a season for everything and may I remember (please!) that there's a season for planning Secret Gardens as well as bursting outside and digging in them.

Oh! Are you familiar with the incredibly old-fashioned R.H. Shumway seed catalog? Do order one if you've always wanted to curl up in the middle of winter with the type of seed catalog your favorite old-timey authors decribed in their books. A copy arrived in our mailbox last week addressed to the previous homeowner (hi "Anna!"). Always, always I've wished for a seed catalog right out of the 1800's--you know how I'm always trying to travel back in Time. :)


Tracy said...

The Secret Garden sounds absolutely divine! :)

Anonymous said...

What a delightful idea! And you will be accomplishing two things at once. You will not only be planning for a beautiful garden but you will be so into your planning that the winter shall pass you by just like that!:)
Ya, maybe not that quickly, but I like what your thinking. I think that I shall do some garden planning myself and also plan to visit that old-fashioned seed catalog site.:)
Take care!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Well, you are an inspiration.

I've been thinking of starting a new vegetable garden this Spring.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it! I can just see it now. It will be sooo dreamy!

Donetta said...

Hello, You must continue planning your garden. whether or not it is completed in your life time or not it will be a part of your legacy.
when you see in your vision ask so that it will indeed be HE who provides for it.
Thank you for your encouragement.
I attended the appointment and have to go through the neroligist to have another mri and ekg and blood work up. Then onto the dementia testing. Oh mercy!
I am trying to defuse the stress now, perhaps I should just pick up a garden book or maybe a bead book.

Karen said...

You see, there was a reason that Tom got his tractor(s)! Hopefully he got a wagon or something that can be pulled with a tractor? You shall not have to carry bricks or stones or statues or bales of peat moss or anything heavy out behind the barn. Tom can pull it out there for you with his tractor!