Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good News, Bad News, Good/Bad News

First, the good news: You know the old saying, "Spring is in the air"? Well, always each winter there comes a morning when I step outside and feel and smell Spring even though the temps are in the single digits.

This year, that morning was this sunny morning today. Oh my, I smelled spring! And with that scent came all the magic and dreams of warm, sunny mornings and opened windows with breezes blowing the sheers and sitting in the sun outside reading magazines and drinking coffee or lemonade.

I felt it, I really did. Today. And now I can survive the remainder of Winter...... Happy sigh.

Now the bad news. I heard this week on the news that They (whoever they are) have discovered there's mercury in corn syrup. Good grief. You can read about it here. I'd wondered for months why everyone I know is loosing their memory--what one thing is it we all have in common? Well, this could be it. (Find mercury poisoning symptoms here.)

High fructose corn syrup is in nearly everything outside of the organic food aisle. I think we'd all heard that and we all knew it makes us fat, rots our teeth, is hard on our kidneys, etc. But now it's even worse. It appears to be loaded with mercury. Ack.

And here's the good/bad news part. This is what I'm thinking: God has just about had it with our nation and He's doing a first-wave (second-wave?) exposing of corruption and deceit and that 'love of money being the root of all evil' thing.

All our 'Another Corrupt Person Has Been Caught' headlines are not just coincidences. It's happening too much, too often. Bam, bam, bam. And I see God behind it. You may see someone/something else. But I see God doing some cleaning.

And what I am hoping? I'm hoping the FDA will be next. Oh, all the poison they have approved and let slide by knowingly! And actually, the exposing of them has begun. A little. For weeks I've watched the nightly World News show stories about medications which only make things worse and products which should never have made it to the shelves and well, on and on. They've told how autism, ADHD, asthma and allergies have doubled and tripled and become even 400 percent more common than they were years ago. Read about it here, but the information is everywhere. (Here's the video which first alarmed me weeks ago.)

Don't get me started.

But, again, I consider all that exposing to be a good news/bad news thing. Our Country needs to be cleaned up. It's way past time and too many people have suffered for what's been kept hidden and done all for money, money, money.

Please read the information and watch the video before you tell me I'm overreacting, okay? :) There's just too much going on right now, too many young people (especially) who are sick and dying like never before and I, for one, cannot just close my eyes and quip, "It's just the way things are."

Okay, after Nancy's comment, here is the point I think I'm wanting to make... Doesn't anyone else think it odd/suspicious that after all the millions of dollars poured into medical research and all the med's being produced and approved--the numbers of problems/sicknesses/deaths are rising exponentially? Anyone? Shouldn't the numbers be going down?


Nancy said...

I'm not so sure there really is such a huge rise in Autism. Many "problems" have now been lumped under the umbrella of "Autism".
Autism used to be thought of as a very severe, neurological disorder that had recognizable symptoms.
Now the "umbrella" covers a long list of disorders such as "Sensory Integration Disorder, Aspergers, and others that were not diagnosed ten years ago.
I have a grandchild who has Sensory Integration Disorder, and it is definitely genetic. His father has it, but it was not diagnosed when he was a child. His uncle has it, and it was not diagnosed when he was a child. Two of the uncle's sons have it.
The boys all have benefited from Occupational Therapy, and are all very bright and do well in school.
My son-in-law a very high achiever, and has started several extremely successful businesses.
Yet SID is listed under "Autism".
No one knows the boys have the disorder, unless they are told.
So many learning disorders are being diagnosed today, and get lumped under the Autism spectrum.
That is a large reason for the huge number in Autism cases being diagnosed.

Judy said...

If ever there was a time to stop putting our trust in men, it's now.

You are correct. HFCS is in EVERYTHING.

I was never so angry as when I heard the report about the tainted peanut butter from the plant in Georgia. They KNEW it was contaminated but they let it go out anyway. If that isn't cold blooded murder I do not know what is.

... Paige said...

There is big REALLY BIG money in research ya know.
Most products that are approved by the FDA are chemical and petrochemical byproducts. But it's ok to eat, drink, wear and breathe this because the FDA says so.

I have said for years, and folks think I'm nuts, that we are immuning ourselves to death. The natural selection process has long gone. You know the survival of the fittest. Anyway, too many people living too long so Somebody has to do something and we all know Somebody will. Especially because we let them and even ask them if not beg them to.

Donetta said...

I checked our asthma meds and we are not using any of those. I hated the advair and would not use it nor would I let my son.

some years ago I had end stage indo. they wanted to inject a rod of depoprovera (a type of chemo) in my arm. I would not agree to it. Even my husband pleaded with me for I had had 6 surgeries to stop the internal bleeding. The night before I was all but ready to give in....then the evening before the apt.... a news show started just as we were sitting down to watch tv.

"It began a huge conspiracy has been exposed showing that drug manufacture s were paying Doctor $700. each to get their patients to have this injection. They were charging the insurance around $1600. for it.
God watched over me and gave me wisdom. So many other women who had this treatment have paid dearly in the health of their bodies. Very very bad remnants of destructive side effects. It was the best new treatment at the time?

Tracy said...

I don't think you are overreacting at all. I agree with you, Debra.

Joy and Phil said...

If high fructose corn syrup is made from corn and has mercury in it, does it follow that all corn products have mercury in them? Where does the mercury come from? From processing or is it in the ground the corn is grown in? Is all corn grown in ground containing mercury?
I avoid HFCS because of the sugar but I think there has to be more conclusive proof before I would get too upset.

Anonymous said...

I think the same thing when I watch the news.
Then I have odd dreams of God starting the clean up.
Glad I'm not the only one.