Friday, July 04, 2008

So there I was this afternoon in our back meadow, clipping dead branches from young trees when I saw a car pull into our driveway. "Visitors? But who would drop in on us?", I wondered. (I know, it's the Fourth of July and everything, but Tom is sleeping this afternoon because he'll work tonight, all night, while everyone enjoys fireworks--and beyond... so we're not having a barbeque like the rest of the world.)

So I picked up my walking stick, (one I've affectionally named The Snake Poker, lest any branches I'm picking up from the ground turns out to be a garter snake, instead) and walked toward the couple getting out of their car. Turns out it was the parents of the woman (Anna...not her real name) who, along with her husband, sold us this house... Tom and I had both spoken with her father on the phone because he was helpful in doing the little repairs we'd asked to be made before the sale went through. In one of those conversations, Tom discovered that Anna's parents were Christians and attend a church our own church often shared services with in the 90's.

Anyway, what a lovely surprise on my quiet Fourth afternoon. We stood beneath our shade tree while they told of improvements Anna and her husband made on the acreage and then I invited them in to see our dining room, about the only room where I've created any noticeable changes so far. We kept our voices down so not to wake Tom and they both admired the blue upon the walls and my white-painted chandelier and even the hutch top we sat up on the counter top in the kitchen.

Such encouraging people! I invited them to come again to see more changes later and the visit made for one pleasant break in my day. And something nifty? They gave me the address of Anna's blog, one in which she shares her daily adventures on her new little farm in New England. In fact, I just know some of you would love her blog--Anna really is a great photographer and writer and I'm enjoying reading about her adventures. But alas... she shares the name of our town in some earlier posts, and well, being the wary former city girl that I am (I apologize...and this subject is a whole other post), I can't share the address of her blog here.

But! If you already know where I live, well, please feel free to email me for Anna's blog address, especially if you yearn for farm life and farm animals and if country photography thrills your heart.

Or--if you and I have been acquainted online for a year or more and have written or commented back and forth, then email me and I'll send you the blog address, also.

And well, a very happy Fourth of July to each of you!


jar said...

I can understand how you feel. At graduation this year each person was handed a copy of the school newspaper - summer edition and there was an article on My Summer Plans. S2 was interviewed for the article and about the only thing that he didn't say were the exact dates that we would be in Germany/Austria. *He did say the middle to end of June though) Having grown up in a small, western NY neighborhood where the newspaper boy was never informed when we were on vacation due to the likely hood of things being taken while one was on a vacation I was a tiny bit upset. At least 1000 people knew our vacation plans!!! Everything turned out well though my family is still a little mystified about my reaction.

Ann said...

What a great idea! We've lived here 26 years now and I have stories! I love the stairs. Just think of all the people who have climbed them. I've been up quite a few like that when I was little. In the old houses of relatives. There are more stories. Baby Jackson is coming to visit! Have a great weekend!

RMC1 said...

Ah, Newly-Found Friend,
Anna (as you have named her) sent me an email today delighted that she had seen her Dad & Mom already honored guests. Really, it was our honor. We talked much about it on our trip home. We look forward to further visits to see your continuing remodeling successes. Thanks so much for gracious hospitality.

Roger & 'Liz

smilnsigh said...

Wonderful happening!

And this sounds like a lovely blog to read. I'm not hankering to become a Farm Girl but I love reading about such things. After all, who says we have to do everything, to enjoy it, hu? :-)

Oh and this reminds me again, of Jewel and her blog. The name of which I don't remember now. But she took such beautiful pictures of her many children and their very lovely old fashioned way of living. But she became worried about showing so much, on the open Net. With which I agreed... especially all the photos of children. -sigh- I loved seeing them, but also worried that some not so nice people could see them also. Anyway, she went very private and I have no idea where she is now or how she and her family are doing.

If anyone of your readers happens to still be able to read her, would they please tell you and you could tell us... just that she is all fine and etc.?

I'll email {for the farm blog link, you mentioned} to you because I don't expect you to remember that I'd wanted it. Hehh, if _I_ remember to email to you, that is. -giggles-

'Smilnsigh' blog