Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Popping In With Excuses (and an NCIS Rant)

Okay... so I've been taking time off from blogging again...

It's this dream-come-true-moving-to-a-farm thing which is making me nuts. I mean, this is something I've waited for, oh, around 30 years and now with less than two weeks to go, well, I'm bonkers. Just plain bonkers. We both are.

So Tom and I have just been killing time mostly, be that good or bad (probably bad). We've watched scandalous amounts of tv, including season finales of the crime shows we don't even watch anymore. And last Saturday we went and saw Iron Man, then Horton Hears A Who (talk about shifting gears!). We enjoyed both.

Our official moving date is June 12th, though our closing date is May 30th. It's not the moving of all our junk into the house I'm anxious about. I can wait for that. No, I just want the house to be ours. I want the keys. I want to actually get out of our car when we go there, instead of just parking in front and staring at all the gorgeous land behind the house and at the house, itself.

Patience, patience. I know.

So in the meantime, again, I'm here. But my head is currently too stuffed with dreams and plans and anticipation to be much good to anyone in Blogland. So please be patient with me... Someday this won't be all so incredibly overwhelming. Someday I'll be able to put all this into words.

P.S. Major, major NCIS spoiler below!


Okay, so I (who has preached against dread) was dreading the season finale of NCIS for weeks. I told Tom that the only person who I could stand to see killed off the show would be Jenny, the director. She wasn't a major player (in my mind) and was usually rather cranky. And so ok......they killed her off. The writers even suddenly gave her some mysterious degenerative disease to ease the blow for us. (hmmm...) I can handle that.

So by the end of the show I'm breathing all these huge sighs of relief when --wham! The three best, most endearing (imo) people of the NCIS team are all reassigned and Gibbs was given a whole new, different crew. Oh. My. Goodness. I did not see that coming (did anyone??). I spouted to Tom, "So help me.... If they do get rid of those three people, I won't be watching this show next season!" Triple argh! I went to bed consoling myself with, "Repeat after me....It's just a tv show, Debra. It's just a tv show."

But ok..... I've calmed down this morning. I went over to the message board on the NCIS page at IMBD and was consoled by many who reassured us wild-eyed-panicky folks that--most likely--the original crew will return within a few weeks of the new season, and they cited a few other crime shows which have used similar scare tactics to keep all of us (gullible people with no life) watching week after week.

Those comforters over at IMDB had better be right! Or so help me...! :)



Myrna said...

Hi Debra! I'm so excited for you and your new home of your dreams! I'm living in the home of my dreams as you know--have been for 2 1/2 years and I still pinch myself! ;-)
I FINALLY started a blog!! Come visit me sometime!
From your long lost blog friend in California,

daisydreamer said...

i figured you were just busy getting ready....good to know you're ok!

janice said...

Have you started/finished packing yet? Also, the 2 week wait to move in after the close?

Debra said...

Myrna--so great to see you again! I'll have to pop over to your blog after this. Missed you!
Daisydreamer--thanks for noticing I was gone and being concerned. I appreciate it! :)
Janice--more than half of our belongings are already packed and in storage so it won't take long at all to pack up our apartment (thank goodness). Oh, and we're waiting two weeks on purpose because we're going to have the floors refinished (they need it badly) and I want to paint as many walls as possible without having furniture in the way. So much easier to do both those things in an empty house! :)

Thanks, Everyone.... Debra

Saija said...

i don't think they would get rid of most of the cast on NCIS, but that was a pretty mean thing to do at the end, eh!! sheesh!

yay for moving day - looming nearer & nearer ... i know what you mean re getting the key, that's the way i felt about our condo, it was nice to come here and visit, until we actually moved in! :o)

... Paige said...

this is so exciting. A new house for you and a new studio for me. I can hardly wait for your pictures of before and after.
take care

Donetta said...

I can so relate. half our stuff is packed in the garage. I have no buyer yet at 48 days and just found a nice place that would suit us well, It just came on the market 4 days ago. My kids have been ill so no showings. Gods time gods time. Oh the longing for my needle and thread and the bead table again. It is so long ago now. The kids just had their last day of school.All the art stuff is packed up .

Dianne said...

I too figured Jenny was the only one they could afford to get rid of. I was a little surprised at the ending too but like the people on the board, I am pretty sure it's just to mix things up a bit. I think killing Jenny was anti-climatic so they had to throw in something to rile up their faithful fans. You have to consider too, that one of the characters may be in contract negotiations or something like that. I too hate when TV shows change it up or come to an end.

Excited for your move and to see what you do with the new (old) place.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I thought it was going to be her getting killed, too. Especially since she IS a movie star. Hubby and I figured she wanted to go back to movies, she has been on less and less recently.

I HATED the last few minutes. Absolutely was SO upset I had a hard time getting to sleep because of it that night. I'm not a big TV person as far as watching evening shows and NCIS is the only show I really follow.

They had better be bringing them back and soon! Is that terrible, to be so upset by something that is PRETEND?