Tuesday, April 22, 2008

While walking home today from the plaza uptown I noticed how green the trees are just now becoming. Woo hoo! Amazing how my whole town changes when the trees change. Or appears to, anyway. You just don't want to view this Buffalo suburb during winter or early Spring. Trust me, you don't. (The word 'bleak' comes to mind.)

And too, I thought about how sad it is when people make decisions based upon fear... how fear seldom leads us to good, confident, pleasing places. Oh, it could, I suppose, but most times, decisions based upon wisdom and common sense are the best kind.

After all, like the Bible says, fear brings torment, and well, who wants that? I try to stay so far away from fear, especially after having lived with its form--otherwise known as shyness--for at least 35 years. How much I missed! And even now some mini vestiges remain and annoy me no end. Yet now when I fail, I at least feel a hope which says, "You'll do better next time. With God's help, of course." I just let myself become more needy of Him in the everyday stuff, especially in my dealings with people around town which is where the old remnants of shyness are likely to flair up.

It's rather like the 'He must increase and I must decrease,' thing. The more He increases in me, the less shy I become... and the fewer decisions I make based upon fear... fear of people (good ones or bad ones), fear of the future (near or far off), fear of mistakes, fear of lack or inabilities, etc.

Ok, now I'm just rambling. But maybe you, too, have been thinking along these lines, and so, well, now you know you have some company, :)

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Pearl said...

i understand completely