Monday, March 10, 2008

A Question

Ok. I have a weird question for you techno-geeky types.

So there I was watching my ultra-favorite-tv-show-in-the-whole-world today, Sue Thomas FBI. I was taping it to dvd (on our dvd recorder) in our living room which comes to us via Time Warner Cable on CTV, a Canadian station.

And in our kitchen I was watching Sue Thomas on our little tv via the broken-down antenna which I must play with for ten minutes to bring in a snowy-barely-can-see-it version , also on CTV, of course. (I like to listen while I cook dinner.)

Ok, if you're confused already, you'll never be able to answer my question. heh. :)

So halfway through the show, they went to commercial and then, after the commercials, Sue Thomas came back on out in the kitchen, but not the living room! Gasp! Instead, there was an infomercial and I had to stop the dvd from recording.

But again, the kitchen tv kept playing Sue Thomas.
The living room tv played an infomercial.
Both tv's were set on CTV. But in the kitchen CTV is channel 9 and in the living room (on cable) it is channel 15.
(And yet, again, both are CTV.)

Sigh. I kinda-sorta-can-vaguely imagine what happened and how this could be, but can anyone explain in terms a techno-moron can understand?

I'm making a dvd of Sue Thomas for my mom and so I called her today (not just for this reason) and explained why one of the episodes will be only one-half hour and will have all sorts of loose ends.

Answers, anyone? This all felt kinda Twilight Zone-ish....

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Jammie J. said...

You have two different companies at play... the true station, what comes over your rabbit ears vs. the cable company. Cable companies sometimes have other agendas vs. what the true station shows. That's all.