Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Okay--just for you--this morning I dropped new batteries into our totally-neglected camera then braved the cold and the oh-so-slushy roads and took pictures of the house we'll be renting.

No Silly, not that whole huge thing. :) Just the front lower part. The tiny porch will be ours.

For the first time in like, forever, we'll not be squeezed in between two other houses. Hooray! That part was really beginning to 'claustrophobosize' me. There's even a whole empty lot (lawn) on the left side of the house which the landlord said we could use, even at the back where there's space for a garden(!). But we'll see... we don't plan on being there forever but hey... with the way things are going lately, who knows?

So here's another picture for you:

I appreciate you who have asked that I not store our computer while we're in the rental so you can view photos of how I'll decorate the apartment inside and still read my semi-regular posts. Really, I appreciate that.

But still... I need a break. Gee, do I ever. Living computer-free for a few months--and only using one at the town library twice a week--well, that sounds heavenly. Since around August, when I've opened my email box I've felt overwhelmed, as though Grace walked away and left me to handle things alone (uh-oh!). It's like all those emails scream at me to answer them--but instead of doing that--I've been known to shut it down and race away. You know, Scarlett O'Hara style-- "I'll think about it tomorrow."

But all those Tomorrows add up. Boy, do they ever. Along with even more email in my box.

Yet I'm positive that blogging is something God wants me to do. How do I know? Because I'm a very private person who likes to keep to herself. And well, you know how God works, don't you? Generally, He gives you assignments you'd never choose for yourself. Something so beyond yourself, that--unless you're operating in His strength--the whole thing will fail, flounder, crash. Big-time. But ten minutes of doing something in His strength, anointing and timing can accomplish more than ten years' worth of my own effort.

Anyway, all of that is to say you might not see any photos of the inside of our apartment. But you'll live. I promise. :)

And I will keep blogging. Probably I'll just transpose posts into my blog at the library from handwritten pages I wrote at home. Maybe two or three posts at a time which you can read all at once or spread them out.

Again, I just need a break from Computer Land. I need to remove that temptation, that feeling of having to check--often-- what's happening in this online world. I'm longing to return to much reading and to writing with a pen. And thinking my own thoughts.

And I know most of you understand....


smilnsigh said...

Of course I understand the need for a Net break! Totally. I understand it, way tooo well even.

You do your Net Life exactly as it feels right for/to you. That's what all of us should be doing, in my humble opinion. Even though it does get so hard sometimes, to allow ourselves that luxury. {And how silly is that, hu? Life is not a dress rehersal!}

Enjoy your precious little flat. Do with your time, what feels best for/to you. Oh and if you don't already have plenty of ideas in your head, for things to do with your pen/paper writing... you could keep a diary of the unique experience of really downsizing for a while!

What a unique opportunity. Don't you think it would be fun to write such a sort-of-a diary? :-)

Yes, I know... Keep my ideas {for more for you to do} to myself. -giggggles-


Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well with your move! You know, we once moved into a duplex...just for 2 years, don't you know....ha, AFTER 13 long years we finally moved on...but you know, small and dinky though it was, it did help us not go bankrupt when we hit hard times and it did have a nice kitchen and fenced yard for the kids and it was our haven from the world...and in that town, you REALLY need such a haven!! So it served its purpose. So, I say, go ahead and get to never know how long a sojourn will last!! In that duplex, I put 2 teeny evergreen trees along the back fence...they had grown to immense size by the time we left...had I known how well they would grow, I would have put in a forest of them!!

Jammie J. said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of your lovely new home with us. :) It makes me smile to think of you living there.

Also, thank you for being here. You've been there for me through some of my rough spots (my brother's situation comes to mind first and foremost). I really appreciate your words of wisdom.

I understand that you need a break -- the discipline of not having the computer there, etc. I'll still be here, though, checking in on you.


Miss T. Crane-Neeham said...

doing the same thing, will miss you though.

Judy said...

Oh, Debra! How cool is that house!

Our first and second apartments were in an old boarding house. For the first five years we were married we lived in the upstairs (room numbers on all the doors - SO COOL!) and for the next two years we lived in the lower level. It had a HUGE kitchen, one in which all three children could actually all hide in different cupboards at once.

I miss that place. It was a joyful and fun time.