Sunday, October 21, 2007

Take Me Away.... Please

Man. Oh man. Oh man. Now I've done it. Made myself crazy. Nuts. Impossible to live with.

Remember when I told you here that I now wanted to move to Mayberry, er, Mt. Airy, NC? Well, I found this house (above) there this morning online. Four bedrooms. A fireplace. Two-and-a-half acres in the country. A stable(!) It's a foreclosure and only $53,000. And the taxes are--get this--just $325.

Three-hundred-twenty-five dollars? Do you know what our taxes are here? Our house is assessed at less than $80,000, but our taxes (after the STAR discount thingy) are $3,250. Three-thousand-two-hundred-and-fifty dollars.

Can you spell R-o-b-b-e-r-y?

I am sooo tired of living in my present town. It's as though all the Grace to dwell here seeped away weeks ago and I cannot get it back. We drive past all these houses squeezed together and I nearly begin hyperventilating out of claustrophobia. I take my daily walks and--unless we've had rain--gas fumes surround me and even cigarrette smoke as well(!) (Ever taken a half-hour walk while attempting to hold your breath??). Not to mention that during my last two walks, three big dogs have come running at me. Grr. Yesterday an 11-year-oldish boy stood near his van, he'd left his gate open, and his huge white lab came charging me, growling, and touched my gloved hand with his nose. I looked at the boy, not the dog, and said, "Can you, like, get him away from me?" The boy said 'sorry' and led the dog back into his yard.

It's the tiny things like having my hand nearly bitten that which are making me insane.

So oh my goodness.... I've longed to just get away from it all... All these houses piled on top of each other and the gas fumes and the monster dogs... And when I saw that house, I thought--that's it! The perfect place. I could just walk laps around my own land and skip all the charging dogs. And just think... It's even on the borders of Mayberry.

Er, I mean Mt. Airy.


Robin said...

$325 for taxes?! When was the last time it was assessed? Here in Jersey we pay twice what you are paying right now in NY and we live in one of the least expensive towns for taxes. Definately ROBBERY!

Elizabeth said...

Cute...but as for dogs...well, you know how people think in the country right? Chances are there could be even more dog problems...well, if you are worried about that...get a cattle prod..give 'em something to think about if they charge you. I could write a book about the dog problems we had while living in the country...but I still PREFER living in the country. I do love dogs...I just do not appreciate ones left to run.