Saturday, October 20, 2007

Revisiting The Scale (or Sweet Revenge)

So. Do you remember my post where I described weighing myself on the old-fashioned-looking scale at our local mall? You know, where I was horrified when it told me I weighed ten more pounds than our home scale said I weighed?

Well, that was exactly five weeks ago and yesterday, having nothin' to do since I'm in this waiting-to-move zone, I determined to drive back over to that horrid scale and show it a thing or two. The shock I'd received last month was enough to motivate me to stop playing around and actually lose some weight. To get serious.

So in the rain, I drove to the mall, marched straight to the scale in the dark hallway, slipped my quarter into the slot and waited nervously for the digital numbers to appear. And guess what? I weighed five whole pounds less than what I'd weighed before.

And then I, sneering, laughed at that scale and thought, "Take that! ... you horrible metallic tattle-tale. I showed you!"

Man, God has worked with me on a whole list of attitudes, habits and wrong ways of thinking these past 13 years, but obeying Him in the way I eat and exercise has been the hardest thing of all.

The HARDEST thing of all.

There I said it... mostly so some of you will know you are not alone.

But finally I've found something which at least helps--not hinders--and it's this going organic thing. This thing of staying away from fast-food and foods with things like high fructose corn syrup. All of which have ingredients which block your brain's ability to feel full (as Dr. Oz on Oprah said. I've learned a lot from Dr. Oz, as well.).

Anyway, if you won't give-up, I won't either. I still have miles to go in this area, but at least now, the more I educate myself, it doesn't seem as difficult. Finally, the light's are appearing at the end of this eternally-long tunnel.


Jennifer said...

Ha! Take that, you fiend! (just having fun giving that scale what for.) Congratulations on the weight loss, a little reward for choosing healthier things to put into your body, better health being the bigger reward, and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you gain victory in that area is the biggest reward of all!

elizabeth said...

Takes time for the craving to leave, but bit by bit...hang in there! Mostly gone for us now...but it took a long time. I am S L O W L Y loosing...a friend told me that she had read someplace to eat only fruit until noon and not to mix carbs with meat. I got the fruit part ok...tis the other I am struggling with. We already have to be very careful about carbs with diabetes...but protein is sorta needed....but guess we can focus on nonmeat sources of protein. I do think it has helped to just eat fruit until noon however...sometimes very little, other times a bit more. We are careful what kinds of fruit too...for us at least. If it EVER gets cooler, maybe we can go walking more...exercise is the hardest part of all for me. Seems the organic and no corn products, etc. and no sugar though has been the greatest help.