Thursday, October 18, 2007

Making Changes

I keep reminding myself that God's timing is always perfect. I've had to because these past few weeks it feels as though He's gonna be quite late with the selling of our house. And with our moving. (Have you ever moved out-of-state in the snow? ugh.)

Yet I can recall His timeliness in my life... here's a recent example: The way He convicted me to totally change the way I eat/live and even breathe just this past July. Greatly because of those switches, I've been able to handle the stress I'm now facing much better. That, and my having developed the habit of spending time with God and hanging-out with Him consciously all the hours of my days.

Since July I've felt so much better physically! I read some blogs now whose authors staunchly defend their right to their disease... to feel bad... to complain about people who try to help... and well, I feel sorry for them. But usually I leave no comments there unless I sense an openness to change, otherwise I'm just wasting my computer time.

So for those of you who may be feeling physically blech-o most days, here are some of the changes I've made. Just in case any of them may help. Just in case you are open to making a few changes out of desperation:

1. I--mostly--avoid processed (man-made) foods. I'm also avoiding fast-food places.

2. If a label has one or more of these ingredients, I leave it on the shelf: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, salt, carageenan (seaweed) or any word I cannot pronounce.

3. I try to stick with only organic foods-- foods grown without chemicals, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. I'm learning which foods my poor ol' head (and body) can no longer handle, even the seemingly healthy stuff like wheat, oatmeal, milk, etc. And if I have real coffee, it's only a teensy-tiny bit, say, one-fourth cup once a week. (I know....big sigh...)

4. I don't eat foods or drink liquids from microwave ovens.

5. I avoid all artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame (Nutra Sweet). I use Stevia, instead, (it's been around hundreds of years) and occasionally a little sugar. If a recipe calls for a cup of sugar I use a packet of Stevia (or two) and maybe a tablespoon of real (organic) sugar.

6.I walk at least one-half hour most days (and am working up to more). I also do stretching exercises daily, mostly to strengthen my back.

7. I stay away from non-prescription drugs. I'm searching in a variety of books for natural cures, taking notes, making lists.

8. I've stopped using cologne (chemicals, chemicals, chemicals). I use laundry/cleaning products without perfumes and dyes and ones which won't harm the environment or myself (or I'm slowly getting there, anyway).

8. If the news or newspapers upset me, I avoid them. If I have the Grace to still remain peaceful after seeing/reading the news, I'll take them in small doses.

9. I listen to tranquil music. I forgive people. I let things go (or confront issues only when I'm given the Grace to do so). I'm learning about the differences between being alkaline and acidic on the inside of my body--how foods and attitudes affect both.

Something else I've learned? When God convicts me to make changes, He provides all I need to make those changes. The money. The books--and the time to research them. The right information. The right people. The right products. The strength, ability and willingness to make the changes.

After all, God is not a big tease or tempter. If He wants us to do a thing, He makes a way where there is no way. Count on it.


P.S. Now, am I doing all of this stuff perfectly? Uh, no. But I'm aiming toward it and just by making a beginning I've noticed huge differences in the way I feel.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

When I first developed Juvenile Diabetes, the nutritionist I was seeing said high fructose corn syrup was one of the worst things people can take in to their body.

While there is no specific link to diet and Type 1/Juvenile diabetes (there IS to Type 2) for the most part, there does seem to be an indication of both types of diabetes and people who drink too many soft drinks!

Becky said...

Loved the serene picture today...

I say AMEN to all of your new steps this year towards health. May God continue to open doors for you in the directions He has for you...and...may you continue in courage to step through them.

Susan said...

Hi Debra,
I applaud you in all your efforts, and to be honest, YOU have inspired me to buy organic products as much as possible and to look really hard at labels.... and to seriously consider what's going into or onto my body!
You mentioned tranquil music. Not sure if you have heard of the group "Secret Garden" but they make the most soothing music! I love it and loaded 4 of their albums onto my iPod and was very calm and peaceful on my last long flight from NY to Seattle :) Maybe you would like them too.
Enjoy this gorgeous autumn season!

elizabeth said...

Very good goals! We are pretty much on the same train. Have been food-wise for a long time...but though I am sure it helps, we are a long ways yet from being where we want to be health-wise. The best part is that I find organic foods taste better!! More like food used to taste when I was a kid and we ate a lot from Gramps garden! It is a long journey for some of us as to figuring out just what bothers us. Some things that we are allergic to, may not show up troublesome till days later, whereas some will react the moment it hits our mouth. All we can do is our best! I know for a fact however that at least one food change we made a few years ago has paid pork and no shellfish. God gave that command for a reason...and I feel we are much better off than we were eating those things.

Saija said...

i eat pretty healthy - but my poor sweetie does not (we have separate meals) ... i wonder what i can feed him that he would actually like (he thinks ketchup is a vegetable) ... hmmmm?

blessings on you ... and the upcoming trip!

and yes, we have moved in the dead of winter - four times!!!

Debra said...

Brenda--so true! I've read that in many places.
Becky--thank-you so much for that blessing!
Susan--thanks so much for letting me... I am encouraged! Secret Garden is a wonderful name for a group. I'll have to look into it...
Elizabeth--true! Organic food does taste like food I recall having as a child--I've said that a few times. Oh, and again I must recommend the book, Eating Right For Your Type. I keep referring to it, myself, because it tends to be right 98% of the time about what I can eat or not eat. Really amazing to have the info. all in one place and has saved me from having to find out some of it myself the hard way.
Saija--oh, I believe that changing Leo's diet could help him so, huh? I have a hard time keeping Tom on track sometimes, too. :)
Thanks, Everyone... Debra