Monday, October 15, 2007

Probably a bazillion times lately I've had to grab myself by the scruff of the neck... I've reminded myself that Philippians 4:8 does NOT say:

"Finally, brothers, whatever is worthy of worry, whatever is negative, whatever is going all wrong, whatever is bothering you, whatever is unfair, whatever is likely to fall apart--if anything is messed-up or just not happening the way you planned it--think about such things."


Over and over during the moments of these autumn days I've had to jerk my mind around and face it in the opposite direction. The direction facing faith and trust and calmness and contentment.

I hear better in calmness. I can see better, too, when my head isn't spinning. It's in quietness and calmness that I'll find my strength... and instructions for the ways to travel.

And when I can stop complaining for a second it comes to me that this is His day and one I'm supposed to rejoice in. I tell myself, "But it's hard to rejoice when my life is up in the air. It's hard to just relax and trust." Then it strikes me--the more I'm whining 'it's hard,' the more likely I'm trying to do these things in my own strength--leaving Grace somewhere 'out there' by herself, shaking her head and wishing I'd just lean on her instead of myself.

Now, if I can just remember that 24/7 in the midst of these storms...


If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength! ... Proverbs 24:10


smilnsigh said...

I hope your new Victoria magazine was in your mail box today. As mine was. I'm sure it would be a lovely way to divert you, from all your worries.

Many hugs,

Judy said...

Oh, Debra. I think I understand, somewhat. This has been the hardest year ever for me. But, it has also been one of the best also. I have such a hard time reconciling just how this could be!

Were it not for Grace...

Oh! And I amm still scanning the magazine racks for "Victoria". All that came in the mail today was my husband's "Car and Driver".

Debra said...

Nanci--Victoria magazine--now that does sound good. I'll be looking for it. I didn't want to subscribe until I saw the new format and too, since we'll be moving soon I'd just have to send in a different address. :) But thanks for reminding me!

Judy--thanks for understanding... I'm so glad you are at least in your new house and can get all settled in... You are blessed! I'm hoping my turn is next. :)

Blessings, Debra