Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ok, I apparently lied. I didn't post yesterday after all.

It was all Tom's fault. heh. He waited until just before leaving for work to try renewing our Norton Anti-virus, but ran out of time and asked me not to go online until he signs back up. To leave the computer off and unplugged from the Internet.

I hate it when that happens. But what are ya gonna do? :)

So here I am this morning at our town library, and well, I still have nothing precise to blog about. It's been kinda like writer's block lately, I guess. A running commentary in my head, rather like this:

"I could blog about ______."
"Nah, I already wrote about that. Four or five times."
"How about if I wrote about ______?"
"Nope, blogged about that, too."
"What about _____ ?"
"Nooo...sigh... too controversial."
"How about ...?"
"Nah. Don't feel like it."

Etc., etc.

Mostly? I've felt such incredible peace lately. You know, lay-on-the-couch-in-a-cloud-of-gratitude-and-count-my-blessings peace. Stroll-around-the-neighborhood-singing-songs-and-knowing-all-will-be-well peace.

And sometimes I just have to go with that and relax awhile. Enjoy it.

Of course, you know what usually comes afterward, don't you? Either a huge test or a new big project or a new big something-or-rather. Something which, because I took some time off and hung-out with God, becomes a challenge, but not a burden. A stretch, but not an impossibility... all because I took some time to recuperate, rejuvenate and receive from Him what He knows I'll need for the soon-to-come future.

Even though at this moment, I have only guesses and ideas as to what that will be. But it doesn't matter. As long as He's there, all will be well.


Sara said...

mm, i know that peace well. it's a deep almost sleepy spirit. you are wise to sink in to it. sometimes i feel that the Holy Spirit is filling my heart for future challenges. it's good to rest for a while.

Debra said...

Sara--It's nice hearing from someone who understands..thanks! Are you still considering the book club thingy this month? :) Blessings, Debra