Saturday, September 22, 2007

House Update

Some of you said you like hearing about our moving plans and half-plans and dreams. So here you go with another post.

See this house? I discovered it this morning. Fifteen-hundred square feet and only $105,000. It even has a fireplace and sits on a .34 acre lot. Plus, the build-able lot next door is for sale for $20,000, except of course, we wouldn't build on it, we'd just buy it and plant gardens on it.

I love this house! Even though I've seen no pictures of the inside. Lately, I've been more concerned about the outside of our next house, anyway, and Tom has been more concerned about garages. :)

And although sometimes I dream about living in the country, other times I prefer the idea of just living on a neighborhood lot which appears country-ish. Which, with this house, is most likely the case.

So we'll see. During all these months of searching for a house around Richmond, you know what I've had to do, don't you? I've had to hold each house in my opened hand... no squeezing allowed. No saying or even thinking, "I MUST have this house. It's THAT house or no other." No, in our case, that would only lead to insanity and discontentment, for after all, we've been talking about this move for over a year and have watched many sweet houses disappear from the Richmond real estate website.

So at the moment, you can picture this house sitting in my little opened palm where it's free to stay if that's what God wants, or free to sail away if He has something better chosen for us.

Oh, and on Monday night a family came to view our house with our realtor and the wife loved it, wanted everything to stay just as it is, for she loved how I decorate(which made me feel good, of course). And well, we'd been considering selling our Craftsman furniture through the classifieds, but before the family left, we mentioned that to our realtor who then told the potential buyers. Later our realtor called and said the wife would have signed on the dotted line, but the husband wanted a larger kitchen and a garage (our realtor told him our carport could be enclosed). So we'll see. They said they'd tell our realtor for sure by Sunday.

But the nice thing? I have such peace about this whole potential move. I've hit the ol' ball over into God's court and it will be up to Him to make the next move... I'm leaving the ball in his court and allowing Him to work out all the necessary details, remaining ready to return the ball should it come back over the net.

And in the meantime, I've determined to just enjoy the game.


Elizabeth said...

Looks very inticing indeed!

I hope your house will sell soon.

If our area is an indication though, there are more homes for sale now than in the rest of the 4 plus years we have lived here (in mid-NC). So perhaps your choices will be even more as time goes along.

You really have nothing to worry about you are HIS somehow ALL will work out as it should. Never hurts to dream however...we derive great pleasure of considering possibilities!! Even the best house in the world could be awful if next to nasty neighbors. So hopefully you will relocate in a peaceful nice neighborhood!! Being able to sleep at night is very important we have found. Somehow we have landed in some bad situations several times in our life of moving. However, we moved on...or something took the troublesome ones away.

Anonymous said...

Another great find! (I admit it. Love the new house shopping/ possibilities updates.) Love this house, too! The first picture is my favorite (Makes me think, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver) but love the backyard, too.
The pictures give a much bigger sense and feel of the lot and grounds than .34 acres.
Another great house, Debra!
PS Once fell in love with a house from the outside. When we were able to see the inside, it was spiritual experience. I'll always know that God had set that house aside and was a personal and loving gift, to just me.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I really like how you explained how you hold the house in an open hand. I really think that is probably true of a lot of things in our lives - keep our hand open and allow God to lead. Thanks so very much for the visual to help in understanding the importance of God being in control. I know that God will bring you just what you will love!!!
Lisa in Texas = )

daisymarie said...

Congratulations, it's an award well-deserved.

I love this style of house. But more than the archetecture, I love the God-atecture: all those trees. They just make me want to breath deeply and be thankful.

Debra said...

Elizabeth--actually, the homes in our area have been selling really well, especially those in our price range. I have no worries about it, especially since we have a Plan B if it doesn't sell. The main thing is that we are so sure God wants us to move--and that makes all the difference. We're sure He'll move us to the right neighborhood, too. :)
Shauna--loved hearing about your own house story! Thanks for sharing...sounds like it was something very special.
Lisa--thanks! And yes, Life does seem to go better when we can really trust God and hold onto things lightly...letting them come and go as He wills...
Daisymarie--oh, I know! I love the trees so much and that they block the house from the street, too. Sometimes I just really like my privacy...maybe too much!
Thanks, Everyone... Debra