Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Forgotten to Ask Lately?

"... you have not because you ask not..." ... James 4:2

Now there's a verse for a little old homemaker like me.

I mean, in 28 years of keeping house, many has been the afternoon I've not felt like cleaning. Or cooking dinner. Or washing dishes... vacuuming.... mowing the lawn.... feeding the cats or doing laundry. Often in 28 years I've lost the inspiration to do all that and attempted to avoid it for as long as possible.

Because hey.... there are other more exciting things in life...and a person needs variety and vacations-- and I'm only human, afterall.

But you know? When I remember that verse--and when I actually ask God to re-inspire me to keep house (instead of just complaining about all that work)-- almost immediately, the inspiration returns. The "want to" comes back, along with some of that newlywed feeling of, "Keeping a nice house for my husband is kinda fun when I throw myself into it." (Anyone else remember that feeling from those early days of marriage?)

But of course, I have to remember to ask! And I have to remember that complaining is not asking. Neither is growling, nagging, whining or whimpering. No, asking God to replace what's been lost--and then receiving it from Him--that's what matters. That's what gets results.

And that's what gets me back into the kitchen baking pies and casseroles--with a smile rather than a grimace and a sigh. And anticipating more of the same enjoyable hours tomorrow.

P.S. And sometimes if I'm running especially low on housekeeping inspiration, God leads me to places like these after I ask:

Old-fashioned homemaking books with pictures of women who wear aprons and actually look happy to be at home.

Movies like the Blondie and Dagwood films where just glimpsing Blondie's clean and adorable house is enough for a jump start.

Blogs written by women who are excellent at what they do and who they are at home.


Valerie - Still Riding said...

I do forget to ask. One thing that will sometimes get me off my butt is remembering that everything I have was His first - "How am I taking care of it?"

And do I look like I am loved and does the house look like it is loved and we won't talk about the car...but you get the point.

Amen for Grace, without Her I would be lost.

SusieJ said...

You have inspired a post. Thank you.

Debra said...

Valerie--great insights...thanks for sharing!
Susie--thank *you*.
Blessings, Debra