Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finding Debra

I know, I know... I've not been posting as often.

I have many and varied excuses. :)

Mostly, I feel like I'm taking an in-depth college course with this 'going organic' thing. Some of you know what I mean.... How, the more you dig, the more conflicting the information you find. And the more horrified you can become, too, when you discover what's going on behind the scenes and what's become of our nation's soil and farms and the scary methods of growing/transporting/packaging the foods we eat.

Of course, the EASY thing would be for me to flap my arms around and panic. And allow myself to feel so overwhelmed that I say, "Oh well! Who wants to live past 70 anyway?" And just give-up. And think about something else.

But seldom is the easy thing the right thing. So I won't be giving-up anytime soon. I'm feeling too much better physically to go back. And besides, I feel Grace leading me around this organic/health maze... She's keeping me going, clearing away some of the fog and cushioning the blows each time I discover what I've done wrong all these years.

So that's where I am. Researching, researching, researching. And standing in supermarket aisles, squinting like an old lady while trying to read labels without my reading glasses (Vanity, thy name is Debra).

But as soon as I have a non-going-organic post, I'll be back. I promise. Probably by tomorrow..........so please come again.


Maggie Ann said...

Its worth the time though...good for you!

Anonymous said...

i like the 'going organic' posts. i've been working on that for awhile, but there are always temptations out there to...um, tempt you! (Little Debbie, I'm talking to you!)

david hayes said...

It does feel nice knowing that no synthetics are sprayed on your food...