Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Welcoming The Impossible

Sometimes your dream house can look more like a nightmare. heh...

These were taken from the inside of what I called our dream house in an earlier post. Pretty mind-boggling, huh?

Here's the outside of the house (below). Strangely, it appeared pink in the earlier photos I posted.... Hmmm... Perhaps that's its supposed-to-be color? I can only imagine it pink. Period.

But then, at this moment, I cannot imagine doing all that work (especially with the sniffles and a head which currently feels like the inside of a garbage truck).

And yet, there's one thing I have seen and known and experienced to be true. Namely, God's plans for us are always beyond our natural, I-can-do-this-alone ability. Guaranteed, they'll (and I'm not just talking houses here) contain a chunk of impossibility. Why? He wants to stretch us, to grow us up. To test us--will we rely on Him, or upon ourselves? Will we let Fear chase us off or will we let Faith lead us through?

And most importantly--He gives us impossible-looking tasks so that--if we attack them with His strength, His wisdom and an utter reliance upon His Grace--then we can truly, honestly and with no pretending otherwise, give Him all the credit for a job well-done (because we can't fathom how such an impossible thing ever came to pass). And that's what matters to Him--the glory... and that we remain humble and reliant upon Him--and certainly not upon ourselves.

Well, we'll see. We're still open to whichever house God wants for us. Maybe it will be this nightmar-, uh, dream house, or maybe it will be another which doesn't require quite so many miracles to repair and heal its gigantic hurts. The main thing is that we listen and be led... for then we can rest--assured-- that everything will be all right.

An extremely special thanks to those of you who wished me a speedy recovery... those wishes mean so much (she says as she sits here coughing and sputtering and blowing her poor little red nose).

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