Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Looking Inside, Outside and Upward, Too

Even after, like, forever, I'm still blown away by what you can hear when you get quiet.

Remember how I was all bummed/fuming/disappointed because our time of moving to Richmond was, once again, moved-back-and-who-knows-but-it-just-may-be-moved-farther-back-again?

Well, once I returned to calm, God started trickling down ideas into my head. Fun ideas, even. Besides the ones I told you, He's now suggesting I try living a different, new way inside this same, old house.

What a wild concept!

I mean, already it feels downright odd/strange/unfamiliar to this procrastinator extraordinaire to have actually completed(!) certain projects which have nagged, "Hey you--finish me!" for years. Imagine--painting walls and decluttering and washing the top inside parts of the front porch weeks early-- and not scurrying all out-of-breath mere seconds before potential buyers drive up with the realtor.

Initially, I think that's what spun my head around. Being nearly caught-up felt so foreign, so unfamiliar, that I slipped into a sort-of Twilight Zone place. Or something. And now I'm considering just how cool it could be--in our next house--to begin our years there living this new way... this way of finishing the projects I start. (Wow, dare I dream?)

Other things I'm hearing: If I want a larger yard in Richmond, I need to take better care of this postage-sized one in Buffalo... And too, how--after having finished tasks around my house--now I have more time for our neighbors--and letting God help me over my shyness with them (a weakness of mine). And more: Now Tom and I have months to visit the sites/shops/museums around here which we've procrastinated (hmmm...notice a theme here?) visiting for 14 years... brand-new-places-to-us to experience in this same ol', same ol' area of ours.

And so the list goes and grows... It's true just as the Bible says:

"See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?" ... Isaiah 43:19

God is so unboring, so beyond-belief creative, that the best of Real Life too often flies past us way over our heads while we, like most regular ol' folks, are caught hanging our heads, looking downward or inward only--staring solely where others have stared before... the rutted places ... the same ol' tried-but-not-always-true places...

... and since God is doing a new thing, it remains up to me to look up and see it--to open my eyes to the redemption which draws nigh...and is always much, much nearer than I believe it to be.

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