Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wanting To Spill Over

Just some jottings from my quiet time this morning...

I think the happiest people are those who are comfortable in groups and in the Silence. Both have their delights and either is fine. They are people who do not fear the Silence because God waits for them there. They've learned to pull and dream and welcome its treasures from lands untraveled by some...

... and to spread the treasures around to those who hesitate at its borders.

I want to give away what I find--I want more than "just enough" for myself. More than just enough money for "us four and no more." More than just enough of anything, barely eeking by.

Just enough of God or energy or time is not enough for me. Instead, I desire to be so full, that I spill and overflow everywhere I am.

So full, that, when I move away from this house, the walls and floors and windows will still be warm to the touch... and breathing not only joy-splattered memories, but Hope and Peace. Rooms so full, people will wonder if its Jesus' footprints there in the dust upon the floor, because surely, He must have visited here and mingled and left His presence behind.

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