Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Looking Past The Obvious

Remember when you voted for the house(s) you liked best out of the five I showed you? Well, this house is the winner:

(A special thanks to all those who voted.)

And this white house, below, came in second:

Tom and I found your votes interesting... we discussed how they could help us with resale value in the future. Which, honestly, made me a little sad that we're already thinking of selling a house we haven't even bought yet! I'd rather be the type of person who desires only to find a house she will love, even if every one else in town hates it.

Which reminds me...

Yesterday I discovered this house for sale which I hesitate to share because I know some of you will deem it purely ugly. But since it's good for me to take risks, here it is:

Actually? I love it. I look at that picture and spy, not the shabbiness, but the potential. Stucco houses have always appealed to me as well as that block style of house. I can envision it painted and appearing, well, even what one might call regal.

A new vote: If it were you, what color would you paint the house? And the shutters? I've never mentioned this here before, but when I see Italian villas in movies (or French ones, too), I absolutely melt and am shaken-up for days afterward. I've a feeling I'd try to turn this house into my own bit of Italy or France...

I'm noticing I'm pretty good at gazing past the faults I see in these houses for sale and glimpsing their potential, instead.

Next, I'm aiming to do that with people. The ones in Blogland as well as in Real Life. Everyone has potential deep inside them--sometimes we just need to hang around long enough for it to rise and shine through... helping or simply showing mercy--and having wisdom enough to know when to do which.

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