Sunday, April 22, 2007

Okay, now I'm scaring myself.

Our realtor in Richmond sent us a few houses to look at online and this one in the photo is haunting me (click to enlarge).

I mean, hey... it's too small. It only has two bedrooms, not quite a quarter acre and no garage, just a 'large outbuilding', which, in realtor-speak, could mean anything from a mini metal tool shed to a lopsided, please-tear-me-down barn. And did I mention the house is too small?

But oh, it's so cottage-cute! And the property has the right country look. And it has an enclosed porch. And enough life size dollhouse potential for anybody.

Now of course, you look at the left-hand part of the roof and it comes to you, "What were they thinking?" (There might be a balcony up there--look closely--but even so, it throws-off the harmony or chi or whatever-- this coming from a lover of balconies.) But that could be changed easy enough. And the windows in the foreground could be replaced and actually match each other (what a concept!). Oh, and I can see a rounded brick patio at the door, too.... and on and on.

Tom loves the idea of having everything on one level. I love having an upstairs. But as I said, this little house is haunting me... calling to me, though I'd rather it didn't. Kinda. And well, mostly I just wanted to share it with those of you who will also think it's cute and can see its potential.

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