Monday, April 30, 2007

The House

Well, see this picture? This is what the House of Debra's Dreams looks like. I just thought you'd want to know.

We've clicked through more than 200 houses for sale online and of them all, this one speaks to me. Sings to me. This is the house of my heart and most likely, my heavenly mansion bears an amazing resemblance. It's the 'Blondie House' I've mentioned to you fifty times, you know, the one from the old Blondie and Dagwood movies. Unless some clueless people shoved walls around inside, I already know the floor plan just by viewing the house from the outside.

In fact, part of me doesn't even care if the inside is a cobwebby shambles--I. Love. This. House.

Does that mean we're going to buy it? Not necessarily. There are currently title problems, there's tons of work needed on it and we've not even put our own house on the market here yet--and it's in the sale of our house where our real money lies. There are no hidden fortunes for us in foreign banks (in case you'd wondered about that, too).

No, at this moment in time, I'm just house-giddy. I'm thankful that, of all the houses my eyes have scanned--finally--I know for certain which kind of house I love best. Whether it be this house, or another resembling it, this is The Style for me. No wavering, waffling or second-guessing.

But again--does it mean this is the style of house we'll buy? Again--no. We may settle for a dainty white cottage or a Cape or a 1930's ranch. Who knows? But for Today I'm just happy that I've discovered, for certain, this style of house is my favorite in all the land. And you know? That's enough for me. It's good to know what you love, for--even if you cannot own it--you discover another piece of the puzzle which is You. You come to understand not only more about yourself, but about others, too... how it feels to love something and own it--or not own it and want it. How it feels to see something which resonates with your very soul and that happy thrill...

... and then, afterward, reminding yourself to stay balanced, level-headed and wise. Not being dragged around by your emotions, but rather, led by God's very hand which leads away from trouble--at least, the kind of trouble He can't get you out of. There's a dangerous kind of longing which leads to coveting or at least, putting all of ones eggs into the proverbial basket and coming away crushed if the bottom drops away.

No, I'll take trusting a God who knows best, whose timing and ways are perfect and good and amazingly right, even if He tweaks the dream a little or a lot. There's just something about His ways and His will. Something very good, very fine... if we'll want only what He wants and are willing to wait for it.

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