Sunday, March 04, 2007

Show Or Tell?

If you've been around writing for awhile, you've most likely cast your eyes upon this phrase: "Show, don't just tell."

Sometimes I forget to remind myself of that here in this blog. But it comes to me that the blogs I love best are those which show me how to live a peaceful life, not the ones which tell (lecture, preach, nag) --without stories and examples from personal experience.

You can tell when someone has personal Life experience. It shows.

Of course, some people prefer blogs which lecture, preach and nag and well, there's a plethora of those in Blogland. Something for every sermon-searching soul out there.

And some people love to throw around labels like volleyballs-- words like these in both posts and comment boxes: Dispensationalist, Calvinistic, Armenian, Emergent, Missional, Libertarian, Existential and a hundred more. Almost like a secret language from a secret clubhouse.

But I am hoping this will be the only--only!--post in my blog where you will ever read those words. Sometimes when I'm blog-hopping and stumble across such words, usually I form my index fingers into a cross, then I go leaping away.

Of course, if cubbyholing yourself and others into boxes with those labels sets you free and makes each new day marvelous, God-led and adventurous for you and your family, well, go for it. I wish you well. To each his own. So far, Label Talk has never done much for me... it's certainly never set me free from anything. Not yet, anyway.

No, as for me and my blog, we will try to avoid all labels except, perhaps, this one: Christian.

And we will remind ourselves to show, not just tell... show, not just tell... show, not just tell...

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