Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Morning Song Confession

For ever so long--years and years--Tom and I listened only to Christian music. Our pastor preached it was the right--and only-- thing to do.

And so when we'd visit our Christian friends who listened to (gasp!) secular music, Tom and I would, later, go home to our bedroom and gossip about and tsk tsk and shake our heads and judge our poor, misguided, wayward friends.

Oh, the foolish things we do to others--and ourselves! How much better, how much more freeing, when our holiness is God-breathed and not law-formed.

And so my confession is this: In my Dream Room this morning, I listened to Ventura Highway five times in a row. With the volume high. Our cats rolled their eyes at me several times.

But sometimes nothing other than Ventura Highway will do. For me, anyway. Popular when I was a teenager, it still sounds oh-so-good to me now.

I smiled, sitting there on the floor, and felt happy to be living on this average Tuesday. The sun even peeked out from behind the clouds where it had hidden since Sunday.

So there is my morning confession. I hope you'll be able to handle it.


To hear a sample of Ventura Highway, go here. Scroll down.

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