Monday, February 26, 2007

Where We Go Wrong

You'll wonder how I came up with some of these. Let's just say it's a major case of been there, done that...

Where We Go Wrong...

We view ourselves as "Church People" instead of "Christians."

We forget that Life isn't like high school and it's not about being popular in church, our neighborhood or the world.

We judge the effectiveness of our Life's Calling by the numbers of people we're reaching. Ministry starts feeling a whole lot like a numbers game.

We forget that our Life's Calling is not given so we can feed our lonely, little, starving ego.

We make our own plans and then ask God to bless them and make them work (and whimper to our friends when He doesn't).

We forget that God's way are not like ours and His idea of the right time is usually long after ours. We give Him deadlines--and if He fails to show--we put on our work gloves and get busy, ourselves.

We become all about getting, struggling and taking when we should have been more about giving and receiving.

We wear our feelings, like dandruff, on our sleeves and wonder why everyone seems out to hurt us.

We view ourselves through pretty rose-colored glasses and other people through a high-powered magnifying glass.

We forget to keep the main thing(Jesus), the main thing... and veer off the road into ditches... then wake-up with a headache and a heartache, wondering (cluelessly) how we got there.

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