Friday, February 09, 2007

My Movie Theater

Here is where I've been all this sunny day... sitting inside my own theater, right down there in front of the screen (sometimes even with popcorn). And while the classical music plays, I watch birds skim the acres of sky and stare at tree branches leaning and dipping in tune with the icy wind. Sometimes a silent plane will swim across all that blue in the distance or a squirrel races up bare branches and into his winter nest. Oh, and of course when people walk past on the sidewalk below... especially while walking their dogs in their own tiny sweaters...

But my favorite scenes are the ones where geese sail by in V's, honking their confusion at all the ice... And other times I like best to watch white, puffy clouds racing one another and reminding me of childhood afternoons beneath blue skies so very far away in time and land.

This is one of those dreamy, 'Be still and know that I am God' days and I've been only too happy to comply. There is no better theater Companion to be found... and nowhere would I rather be than sitting right next to Him.

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