Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Grace

I'll never get over what a difference Grace makes!

I mean, lately Grace is all over me to Get Rid Of So Much Junk. You know, that beat-up furniture from the curb, those 20-year-old musty sleeping bags, all those files I believed were so vital, and ceramic knick-knacks (broken and whole), and old ripped, chipped (or just ugly) dishes, paintings, clothes, towels, books, dried-up flowers, weeds and who-knows-what else.

And I especially know Grace was here when, afterward, I feel marvelous, having flung away what, just last week, I believed I would die without.

Grace--my blog is crammed with mentions of her. Like here, here and here. But that's because she's sprinkled my life with 'smoother sailing pills'--the strength, ideas and inspiration to accomplish what should be done sooner and with far less stress and frustration. It's rather like living a whole new life inside of the same old house--a life with a 24/7 helper. A more graceful life.

Grace knows what needs to be done today and she gives me the strength and inspiration to do those tasks. Grace knows what can be left until tomorrow or next Tuesday and heaven help me if I'm doing next Tuesday's tasks (without Grace) while I should be doing today's!

Grace gives me the courage to ask those tele-marketers to never call me back...

Grace enables me to speak to people who otherwise intimidate me (and she reminds me they are human, too).

Grace is that extra hand I need around the house when I'm by myself... and that extra umph! I need to finish washing the dishes before I slip into bed. (And to change Lennon and McCartney's litter boxes when I'd rather do almost anything else...)

Grace is the 'want to do right' when my own 'want to do right' is broken.... and my 'want to be brave' as I'm facing an eventual move from all I've known here.

And lately it's been Grace who's reminded me that if I happen to throw away something I'll later miss or need, then surely, God is able to provide another one.

Grace is the wind beneath my sorry wings and she changes absolutely everything.

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