Monday, February 12, 2007

Deeper Than The Seen

"For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7

That's the verse I read in Dallas Lore Sharp's, The Hills of Hingham this morning (if you like David Grayson's books, you'll love The Hills of Hingham).

I saw that verse and thought, "Hmmm... That is slowly becoming my whole life."

I mean, I clean my house but I do not hate to, because it feels very much like--not drudgery--but obedience to God. And obedience in things which appear tiny and humdrum to us, in His reality, are not tiny and humdrum at all. No, I go on washing our dishes year following year because God gave us those dishes and I need to care for them. I straighten the rooms of this house because it's one way of taking good care of this house--and this husband--which God gave to me.

Where's the drudgery in caring for God-given presents? (Well, it's been inside my head a number of times, sadly.)

When I'm doing what God expects of me, it becomes simple obedience and that is an eternal thing. Something which matters, period. Both in small tasks and large, both now and later in Heaven when looking back.

It's all around me, this walking by faith and not by what I see. Such as when months pass without my hearing from friends--I then enter a sort of faith mode when I believe, peacefully at heart, they are still my friends even though I've received no email to confirm that. And likewise, I'm walking by faith when it takes me weeks to respond to friends' email, when I believe those friends understand my procrastination and do not throw me overboard into a sea of impatience.

...and likewise, when others offend me, it's by faith I can see what's happening underneath, elsewhere inside them where "hurting people hurt other people" (my favorite teacher's quote)...

This possible huge move states away to Virginia (and finding the right house)... the prayers that I'm praying for our daughter (and the refusing to worry)... the believing for Spring in the middle of this frigid winter which refuses to warm... the trusting God with my old-lady-future... this giving God time and room and space to make changes... the not trying to figure out everything complicated (but rather, waiting calmly here for His answers)...

I am walking far by faith, not by sight, getting farther along these years than in previous ones where I walked by what I saw and undestood with my eyes and head. I'm walking now almost as though in a whole other unseen land.

And I'm loving it because there's a cleaner, brighter sheen to everything in that unseen place.

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