Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Confusion Not Spoken Here

"...because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God." ... Romans 8:14

Sometimes I come across Christian blogs which, in my opinion, should be titled, "Making Christianity As Complicated As Possible."

I hate complication.

A few times I've read where people are unsure what "walking in the Spirit means." They'll ask (in a leary, rhetorical way) if it means always praying and asking God things like...

"Should I wear my red socks today or my green ones?"
"Should I buy the muffins with chocolate chips or without?"
"Should I wash the car after I wash the dishes or before? And should I take the trash out before or after dinner?"

... and stressing and straining to hear His answers, lest they make one wrong move.

And then usually (after many words and much reasoning) they conclude that we should just trust that God lets us to do what we feel is right, especially in the small things. That what matters most is how and why we do what we do... and that these little things don't really matter to Him at all anyway.

Well, what I believe comes somewhere in the middle.

I try to live a Listening Life. I don't stop and hold an old-fashioned prayer meeting lest I make a disastrous move and choose Tide instead of Arm & Hammer, but rather, I try to live daily with an ear (or two) always open to anything God may want to tell me... to any change He may want to make in my plans. Instead of shopping on a Tuesday morning like I always do, He may impress upon me to stay home because He knows (though I don't) a woman from church is going to call me, saying she's being tempted to commit suicide. And I need to be home for that phone call. (That did happen.)

Or He may want me to clean my house the day before I usually do, because He knows there's going to be an emergency on my regular housecleaning day so I'll be unable to clean for days if I wait (that's happened tons of times).... Or there was the time I felt I should walk down to our church at an odd time of day because (unbeknownst to me) a faucet broke and was flooding a room (and so I was able to call the pastor and helped save the particle board floor).

I do believe little things matter to God... there's that verse about little foxes spoiling the vines--I cannot shake that. Besides, too often I've seen Him use small things to bring about big happenings, so it becomes vital that I remain pliable... prepared to crumple-up my plans at just a whisper of that still, small voice.

But what matters most, to me, is that I desire to be led by God and not by my own reasoning and logic. Personally, I don't believe God wants me to figure things out to dizziness or confusion or even to my feeling oh-so-clever and smart, but rather, I believe He wants me to hear from Him.

And yes, many people would disagree. But this is the way I live.

God's ways are not mine or anyone's--they are much wiser and they save time and money and even lives. And more than anything, I long to keep my ears tuned to His ways and never, ever resent--or totally miss--His interruptions as I go about my days. I had too many years of being led by my head--and I've already been where my head led me.

And oh, how I don't ever want to wander back to those places.

"For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace..." 1 Corinthians 14:33

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