Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fine In The Ice

Just wanted to check-in and let you know we are fine (thanks for asking, Jaynet!).

Yesterday the roads were perfectly clear so I drove to the supermarket four miles away and oh my.... Talk about an Icy Fairyland! Every tree looked like it had strings of glass for branches and when the sun hit all that crystal from behind the clouds, the glow was indescribable. I passed whole forests of glass and twice felt tears sting my eyes--it was too overwhelming! I felt like we'd all been given this glorious, shining present from God, Himself, who was reminding us of His creativity and just what He could do.

And yes, that's easy to say because we lost our electricity for only one minute and are otherwise safe and warm. But still... I'm living in a crystal city full of sun today and finding it hard tearing myself away from our windows.

Really use your imaginations with these photos... the gleaming and glinting just doesn't come through...sigh...

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