Saturday, January 06, 2007

And Now In Other News....

Always, I'm amazed when whole flocks of sparrows are chirping away in our backyard while eating the seed I provide, but just let them hear one strange sound and instant silence! They stop chirping as if on cue. Does that blow anyone else away?

Something else amazing? Tom and I are living in a type of Limbo Land Season, yet neither of us is going bonkers. I mean, we won't hear more about that Virginia job until the 31st... he may not even take the job.... or he may... but in the meantime we are at peace. We're sorting through our junk calmly and looking at houses online... and dreaming about not being squeezed between two other houses like we are here, like cheese in a sandwich. Space-- I need space! But repeating what I said, in the meantime, all is well. So far.

Grace is incredible. I cleaned out some kitchen cupboards today and it was hardly painful to throw out (or set aside to give away) the stuff I'd sentimentally burrowed away for years... the glass vases, votive holders, the Tazmanian Devil plastic mugs and happy meal toy collection from Naomi Days gone by...things I've kept 'just in case', things I've kept for memories' sake. Finally, (again, with Grace) I'm letting go of the New York season and the young mother, child-raising season of my life--and making room--anticipating--the new season just ahead. Incredible what Grace will enable you to do when the time is right, isn't it?

Tom and I watched an inspiring movie last week on dvd, one called The Reading Room. If you've come close to giving-up on those people you've been called to help, this movie just might zip you past those feelings. Or perhaps it will nudge you to begin the ministry which God's been nudging (and nudging) you to start for ever so long.

Thanks so much for your many comments to my last post! I found them blog educational (blogucational?) and will try to use them to improve upon this blog of which you are now reading.

And last, but most importantly, congratulations to my sister, Corrine, on her recent engagement to be married! Talk about new seasons... all her chickadees have grown-up and flown from her nest and now she has new romance in her life and an upcoming marriage. God is good and Tom and I are thrilled for her. Congrats, Corrine!

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