Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Calm December Days

I've been so contemplative lately... you'd think I'd have more to write about here. But it's like God has me sitting in front of windows again.... thinking calm, pensive thoughts... thinking about Him.

He knows I'm not a big fan of Christmas, at least, not of Christmas as most people stressfully celebrate it, so perhaps He's supernaturally keeping me calm, almost like giving me a heavenly Quiet Pill. (Uh-oh, you mention a word like supernatural and Christians tend to get spooked. Oh well.)

But whatever, it is nice to walk through December in an almost-fog of calm and peace and tranquility.

It's nice to fill-out a handful of Christmas cards... sit in a sunny window... put out a couple Christmas decorations... then return to the window with a cup of coffee and think about how good God is and how His wisdom will help me get everything done, never fear... And leave the rest alone... and the world will keep spinning if I don't mail as many Christmas cards this year... or don't bake as many cookies... or don't put up every single decoration from the Christmas box.

...And realizing December was never, ever designed by Him to be one hectic, harried day after another.

How much better to enjoy the process while enjoying Him.

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