Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Gifts On Ordinary Days

I take walks around our neighborhood ... for my health, yes, but for inspiration, too. I give names to some houses, names like The Writer's House--not that I know who actually lives there, but because it's a house which looks as though a writer should live inside.

Near The Writer's House there is a house which I have always called The Grandparents' House, because well, it is small and tannish gold, with a big window in the front and a small sidewalk at the side weaving in and out amongst overgrown bushes. And always I have pictured an elderly couple living there, though, in thirteen years I never saw them.

I believe those grandparents in The Grandparents' House have passed away... there were bags of old (1960's?) Avon products near their curb today and the door was open, music played and I heard people painting walls inside. Not until today had I ever seen any sign of life there.

I shared all that to share this... Beside the bags of aqua boxes of Avon, this painting (above) laid upon its back, waiting for me. It hadn't been there when I walked past earlier... It was as though someone placed it there just for me. Not a knick, not a scratch, and with all the perfect colors for my tower room... I thought the frame was pretty, too--here's a closer peek:

So I carried it home by the hanging wire and yes I looked silly (it is huge), but I didn't care. Years ago, I would have been too shy to do such a thing, but God has helped me get over that. He showed me how much I missed holding onto the curse of shyness, and well, that is a whole other post.

Besides, I was simply carrying home a present.

My second present of the day! Early this morning before the sun even rose, I thought, "I should begin searching for a diary for next year. Something different perhaps. Something rather like my favorite Susan Branch diary, only, well, different."

Later I went to Salvation Army and as always, I pushed my cart over to the books first. Upon the middle shelf is where I found it. My new diary... with lovely Beatrix Potter paintings throughout ...and for just 29 cents. My first present of the day:

(Doesn't matter that it's from 1990... I can tweak it easily...)

Some people believe in seeking things... seeking presents instead of Presence. But I have seen when I seek God first--to know Him better-- He gives me the things I need--and little presents, too. Over and over this happens... over and over I anticipate His kindnesses... but, over and over, seeking Him is still the best thing ever in this Life.

And that is all He asks--that I keep it that way.


"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

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