Thursday, October 26, 2006

Country Autumn Photos

I drove to the country alone today... I wanted to take pictures and Tom didn't feel like going and well, oh my! Had he gone with me it would have been a nightmare... one long day of , "Wait Tom! Turn around--we just passed a gorgeous tree." And, "For heaven's sake... pull over and let those people pass us so that we can stop if we suddenly come upon a photo op.." Or, "You wait here while I walk around that cemetery.", etc., etc.

Anyway, I took pictures galore and loaded them into my Autumn album if you'd like to see them. Although I'm happy with the way many of them turned out, still, I was unable to capture for you the gorgeous expanse of our countryside, even on a day so late in the season...

But I tried my best to give you Autumn.... You were on my mind every time I turned the car around.... and let people pass me.... and walked around in the mud (trespassing, probably)... With every click of the camera I thought of each of you who would see these photos and have Autumn waiting here for you, even later in barest, bleakest Winter.

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