Sunday, October 01, 2006

Autumn Light

This afternoon I watched Anne of Avonlea upstairs in my tower room while I painted that old mirror black (well, the frame), the one we found at a yard sale this week. I spread my paint-splotched painting sheets all over the carpet and sat there with my paintbrushes while the afternoon deepened and my heart became all gushy as it always does while I watch the Anne movies.

And when the film ended, I dried my movie tears, looked at the black paint all over my fingers and thought I'd better go downstairs to wash. But I passed my dream room and oh! The autumn light glowed and gleamed everywhere outside the windows. So I ran down the stairs, through the library, through the dining room, through the kitchen and into our back porch and down the stairs to our basement and the office where we keep our camera, which I grabbed (after, alas, taking a peek at an email). Then I raced back up the stairs and through all the aforementioned rooms again and back up more stairs and on into my dream room where I looked out the windows and ...sigh... saw that dark clouds had obscured the sun and turned all the autumn colors greyish.


But then I prayed and asked God to please let the sun come out just once more. Then I sat upon my bed and waited, steadying my breath. Just two minutes passed and then hooray! The sun reappeared and set our Japanese Maple on fire again and shot little crystal lights gleaming everywhere.

Except that this picture doesn't really show any of the wonder. No, only can you see part of what it was like out there.

But then, most of life is usually like that.... We see in part and share in part and often must settle for one part at a time of most anything. And as for me, I have discovered that usually I can only take in one part at a time, anyway. Were it all shown me at once, I would be too overwhelmed to savor it.

Especially when 'it' has anything to do with autumn light.

"And were beyond measure astonished, saying, He has done all things well..." ...Mark 7:37

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