Monday, September 11, 2006

He Is The One

There came a happy day when I discovered there was a Jesus outside of all the petty arguing around me...

...that there was a Jesus outside of, "Worship music just isn't correct if certain "I" or "we" or "you" phrases are used..."

...outside of, "Mega churches are too big, small churches are too small and medium-sized churches are Just Right." ... and outside of, "My denomination is more holy than yours..."

...outside of, "If you aren't reading ____ chapters of the Bible each day, you aren't good like we are good," and, "Only one version of the Bible is the correct one."

...outside of, "If you were a Real Christian, you wouldn't look like that, speak like that or listen to that kind of music..."

...outside of, "All preachers on tv are in it for the money," and, "God doesn't speak to anyone today--He wrote the Bible and then sat down and stopped talking..."

...outside of, "Jesus doesn't heal today, He doesn't love everybody, He doesn't place little custom-chosen gifts for you on sale in shops and He never performs miracles anymore, either."

There is a Jesus so far removed from all of that stuff and He is the one with whom I spend my hours every single day.

He is the one who takes morning walks with me around my neighborhood and sits beside me in the passenger seat of our car and in the empty chair beside me in the movie theater.

He is the one who corrects me, then helps me behave better next time.

He's the one who never leaves me--He keeps me company when I'm home alone or sick in bed and He cheers me up when the day started badly--and got worse. He's the one who can make me laugh when there is absolutely nothing funny.

He's the one who keeps me from getting into trouble with my money or my mouth and He's the one helps me be content with what I have.

He's the one who changes how I feel about people so that it more closely resembles how He feels about them.

He is the one I live for and the one who makes my life on this Earth so sweet. And when I die, well, life in Heaven will be sweet, also-- because He will be there, too.

But in the meantime, He and I are having a good time --even though people tell us that's just not possible--or correct.

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