Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Did You Miss The Tour?

...that is, Boo Mama's Bloggy Tour of Homes?

If so, you can still visit a whole lot of wonderful homes by going here. The list of participating homes is at the end of Boo Mama's post with her own home pictures. I am still walking around Blogland on a self-guided home tour--and loving it!

Gee it's hot here where I live in real-life... All kinds of heat warnings are being posted for our area for today up through tomorrow night at 8 p.m.... And of course, the test becomes to not let it get to me.... to not whine and nag and complain and spoil the whole day... but instead, to stay as cool as I can and pace myself and remember moment by moment that God is still good, Life is still good, and this, too, shall pass...

How can you tell when it's going to be record-setting hot in Debra's town? She starts cleaning her house the night before and has everything straightened and as-clean-as-it-gets-on-a-weekday by 7:30 in the morning--all to avoid strenuous activity in the heat. You can also tell it's hot when Debra thinks a nice, hot cup of coffee sounds dreadful. Now, that's when a day is way too hot!

So enjoy the house tour, stay cool and if I don't melt first, I'll be back here with something a bit later....

P.S. Although we have no air-conditioning in this humid-even-with-a-dehumidifier, dungeon-like basement office, we do have a couple air-conditioners upstairs. But still, that awful, awful humidity seeps in under the doors and through the windows and walls and attacks poor ol' Debra if she takes a few too many steps. Poor dear... she wishes she could look and feel like this pretty young lady on these muggy, muggy summer days......but in reality, after a hot and humid day, she more closely resembles Godzilla...

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