Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Keeping Myself From Wandering Away

I am learning to not wander away from peace. Or, if I have wandered, to get myself right back to it.

I have cleaned my house in a spirit of peace... been thankful for the dirty dishes and furniture and floors which I'm scrubbing--thankful that we own nice things and are physically able to use what we own--

---and other times, I have muttered through the whole dirty experience... whined about the heel-marked floors, rolled my eyes at the sink which never seems to be empty of dishes... and yanked around the vacuum cleaner in a hurry to just get the whole vacuuming business over with.

I prefer cleaning in a spirit of peace. It feels better. It goes better. It is better.

I can drive around and take care of my errands with the strength and contentment and peace of God.... Or I can do it all on my own... and feel annoyed and frustrated by the wild traffic, the slow-poke crowds, long lines, and the uncomfortable weather.

I prefer running my errands in a spirit of peace... whispering to God... listening to God, even while I'm pushing my shopping cart or standing in line.

I could go on and on... I can write in this blog because I feel I must and I can make myself crazy-insane by sweating over every sentence.... Or I can write here in a spirit of peace... relying on God's ideas, His timing, His wisdom way, way more than anything I can squeeze out of my own tired head.

I prefer writing in this blog in a spirit of peace...

I've come to crave peace so much, that it hits me--whack!-- when it's gone. So I backtrack... step backward to the place I last knew peace... and pick it up again, doing whatever it takes to hold onto it so I won't drop it along the way. Even if it means I must change my way of thinking, doing and speaking or apologize or forgive or let go of an offence.

That's how much I crave peace. To me, it's worth whatever it takes to spend most of my hours walking in peace... walking beside the One who can change an ordinary errand into something holy... relaxing... and memorable.

P.S. After viewing the wonderful house of ice cream colors I shared with you here, I ran upstairs and rearranged two of my hutches.... Here are some pictures:





I love it when I'm so inspired by someone's home photos--in a blog or magazine or wherever--that I can't help but jump up and create something new or different!

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