Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Guest Blogger Today

Pollyanna Debra will not be posting today.

Her evil twin, Cranky Debra, will post instead.


About every three months (it seems) Tom gets offered some new job in some state I wouldn't even want to die in, let alone live in. Last night it happened again. And he's acting very serious this time about accepting the job.

As of a few minutes ago, we are not speaking.

I mean, hey. I am willing to move to at least 45 of these United States. But of course, he keeps getting offered jobs in the one state I absolutely hate. (I was going to name that state, but I'd be sure to lose all my readers from ________ that way.)

Yes, it's a great job Tom is being offered and for more money, too. But the houses out in that (horrible, very bad) state are so insanely-priced that all our money would go to house payments. We'd have nothing left over to give to other people. And right now, we owe only around $45,000 on our current (big, roomy) house and to try to buy something similar out in (that awful state) we'd have to pay over $250,000 for a tiny, new-construction fixer-upper.

I can't stand tiny, new-construction fixer-uppers.

Not only is paying that much against all my principles--but we'd be starting all over. I don't want to start all over at nearly 50. Actually, it would be worse than starting all over--we'd be more in debt than ever before in our 27 years of marriage.

Plus, if we didn't buy another car (more $$$), I'd be stuck at home nearly every day of the week--very different than our current set-up. Which means I'd be in a state I hated, in a house I resented (for the $$$) and probably didn't like, and without a car. If we bought another car, that means more payments and insurance costs. As it is, our present car will be paid for next Spring and will be good for many years to come. Next Spring we will have only our small house payment. That's it. We have no other debts.

Tom said maybe we could rent something out there (in that horrid state). What? Pay someone else's house payments and have nothing of our own? If that happened, then we'd be living in a state I hated, in a house I resented and probably didn't like, with no car, and unable to fix-up the house--which is basically what I'm all about. I am all about painting walls and creating and changing things. I am all about creating on the outside what's going on in the inside.

Forty-five other states I would move to--forty-five! Even Alaska sounds better than (this awful state Tom is seriously considering). And yes, I have been to that horrible state and yes I have seen most of it and yes I would even rather move to Arizona or Texas--and I've always said I would never move to those places.

I am all about old houses, old farms, old tree-lined streets, old city buildings and old ways. In the (terrible state Tom wants to move to) History gets imploded. And then it's replaced with tract houses, ranch houses or parking lots. On Tom's days off, we like nothing better than to drive out in the country past ancient farmland and farmhouses and vegetable stands and antique barns and lakes and green, rolling hills.

We'd be giving all of that up.


Probably I should not be posting this. Probably if you come back again, this post will be gone. But should I not post for a couple days, at least you'll know why.

Cranky Debra will be upstairs in her room, sulking. And Pollyanna Debra will be right next to her--most likely having her prayers cancelled-out by worry.

Any of your prayers would be appreciated.

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