Monday, July 10, 2006

Get Well Presents From God

Ok... this post will either make you smile or decide for certain that I "don't quite have all four chairs under the table."

Around 5 o'clock yesterday evening, Tom went out 'curb shopping' (as we prefer to call it...heh...). I stayed home and kept my poor ol' ankles propped-up, even though they were feeling at least 80% better than on Saturday.

It was when Tom returned an hour later that he brought me my get well presents from God.

No, seriously.

I mean, just look at these pictures.

See the old bread box? Eight years ago I passed one up on the curb, telling myself I'd take it after finishing my errand. Wrong. It was gone when I came back. Ever since then I'd regretted that mistake--often. In fact--amazingly-- just yesterday morning I was, again, wishing I'd picked up that bread box, so imagine my shock when poof! There in the back of our car was its exact replica just hours later.

And the black trays! Probably 6 years ago my friend, Laura, showed me her black tray hanging in her kitchen and I greatly admired it, wishing I had one hanging in my own kitchen. Through the years I'd glimpsed many in antique shops but had never discovered one for just the right price--which, translated, means darn-close-to-free. So last night-wow! There was not just one, but two black trays.

Then just last week in my tea party comment box I'd told Miz Suzee how blessed she was to have been given her grandmother's recipe scrapbook filled with old clippings and how I would love something like that. Well, guess what the bread box was stuffed with? Tons of old clipped recipes and booklets from the 1930's- 1960's(!) The booklets in the photos are just the ones I decided to keep, but it was great fun looking through the whole musty stack.

And I will paint the clock... and Tom also found two small clip-on lamp shades which I needed for our upstairs lamps, as well.

Say what you will and think what you will... I can't help but look at these things as get well presents from God. Only He knew they were little desires of my heart and as long as He remains the biggest desire of my heart, He then remains free to shower me with presents such as these..... And of course I'm grateful, too, for the big present of a sweet husband who's so willing to bring them all home to me.

Thanks so much to each of you who took the time to comment and pray and wish me well after my last post! You made me feel very loved and cared for and I appreciated it so much... I'm certain your prayers are a big reason I'm able to walk around almost like a normal person today. Well, sorta.

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