Thursday, May 25, 2006

Good Ol' American Idol

Gotta add my two cents about American Idol...

What a fun season this was! I'd watched seasons 2 and 4, but this last season was my favorite. The kids were cute, unique and memorable--oh yeah, and talented--and I wanted the whole top ten to win the grand prize. And it was a nice change this season that, as each contestant was voted off, none of them acted as though their lives were over forever. Instead, they spoke with gratitude about having made it into the top ten and were quick to recall they'd be touring this summer with the rest of the gang. I guess I sensed a lot more old-fashioned gratitude and appreciation this year--and it blessed me.

And when Taylor won--wow! You should have heard me hoot with joy (I'm sure the neighbors heard me). Both Katharine and Taylor were winners 'in our book', but Tom and I both leaned more toward wanting Taylor to win. We like variety, and well, Taylor is surely different--that's partly why we were thrilled last year that Carrie won, though I was shocked there, too. Weeks and weeks earlier I'd told Tom, "No way is the American public going to vote for a country singer to be their next American Idol!"

Okay, so I was wrong. Everyone is entitled to make one mistake in their life. :)

But back to when Taylor was announced last night as the winner and for the remainder of the show... You should have seen Tom and me... We just sat there with tears streaming down our faces. We were so deeply happy for Taylor that we were crying even though we didn't realize we were crying, tears dripping off our chins.

Life feels extremely good when you can be so thrilled for another person's good fortune-- and have absolutely no jealousy of what they've earned.... when you've grown-up in Life and in Love and now you can, with purest joy, celebrate with those who have what you, most likely, never will. And after all, real, godly love means wanting others to be even more blessed than you are... and doing, happily, whatever it takes to help them get there.

I think 1 Corinthians 13 has a lot more to say about all that...

But let me just say here--congratulations, Taylor and Katharine, and everyone else involved with American Idol in any way--it was a delightful season and I'm grateful that I didn't miss a single fun moment.

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